Back pain problems

How can I avoid back pain? What methods do you know, maybe some kind of exercises?
How can I avoid back pain? What methods do you know, maybe some kind of exercises?
Be care with lifting heavy things and get HELP if your moving something quite heavy to begin with! Other than that...

1. Make sure your mattress is the best of the quality that you can get your hands on to spend about a third if not more of your life on. My mom gotten all of us ~$425/mattress (the store charges the same pricing for whatever size you need and $100 per box spring which luckily only my mom bed needed). DON"T forget to REPLACE them every 7 years too! Not only "expired" mattresses are out of their prime but also they can make you sick with your natural dirt, bed/dust bugs and so on.
2. In all of your seats from your home to your office (if you work in one) and even in your ride of choice make sure these are quality too.
3. Finally even the "best of the of the best" are not going to help you if your using them INCORRECTLY. Make sure you try to maintain proper posture and so on if possible. Even if that means getting out your stuffed animal/pillow to cushion the back so your able to do that.

I would get a doctor involved if you can't get better from doing the above then they can recommend on what you need to do further and/or treatments you may need. As with anything if it a major one you may want at least 2 (if not 3) opinions before committing to a posed major treatment.

Hope this helps! :)
have a look around youtube for exercises if you do not have health insurance. If you do, go see your doctor and have him/her refer you to a physical therapist. For a more fun approach, join a gym and slowly begin using the equipment. Planet Fitness only costs $11/month.


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Good tips. Also If you have strong back pain I recommend to go to the doctor. Here are some my recommendations: exercise, eat right, maintain proper posture, sleep sideways, quit smoking, reduce stress. Also you need to get good sleep at night. For this purpose you need to check your mattress. maybe the problem in it. If it is not comfortable and old, you need to replace it. I can recommend to check this review sleepissimple about special mattresses for back pain.


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I swear by my inversion table, but before using one, go to a doctor to rule out anything serious going on.
Pikken, You remind me of an old study out of the U of Chicago. 90% of reinjuries of backs occurred when the people were hungry and/or tired.

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