ASL only!!!


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Me wait for Nebulizer arrive! My almost 5 months old son needs get heal. He not feel good for a while! :( Me hope he feel better soon!!


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Linux, far-future you-me-same Electronic Engineer person
recent I class start I now college name MCC will college name M S&T hope hope

*eyebrows down* job area find hard you


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Me now work Technology Coordinator job, pah there work from bottom promote way up to top, reputation important must, me start working at Burger King, do do do hard work, prove me can independent, good reference, they interested, hire me start work in Electronic tech, then progressive promote up up up pah here now.


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My kid thrilled that have Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeal! We now watch it!

Pah pah! Z's nebulizer arrived! Done started with 1st treatment @ home and he hated it! Must use it 4x a day!


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I confused me no understand, learn try hard this help
you know how we set our date M/D/Y and UK set their date D/M/Y <---find out why they set it in that order, and why we set our differently. Then you'll probably see ASL pretty much work the same way. But I have trouble as well.


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husband oral deaf electronics/electrical engineering interest

year past, maybe 10 or so, husband classes computer programming, took up- like, like past but himself EE degree better now believe

tech coordinator job enjoy, LG?


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PAH! ASL thread, *laughs*

Me cherish ASL but me Australia from. Me sign two languages.