ASL only!!!

Idea youtube include AllDeaf list? easy chat in ASL can understand less confuse, pow perfect understand ASL can see what real mean show face express. Agree?
that program seesmic record will, put video AD server, fast post. video record, upload youtube, wait, post not need.

worry internet eat.

ponder me PM Alex ask if like like maybe he do something that put in AllDeaf we can video chat like story than write easy confuse, argue, wrong idea, no not that I talk about no no, not like me.

Will will PM Alex, give him idea maybe he like, want me PM him?
YouTube, me no. Face paralyzed one side. Embarrassed, sad, can't join YouTube .
stop you? no. why? different different different people all ASL common language. Doesn't matter what you have. me seen interpreters broken arms. me seen Deaf no facial expression.

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