ASL Beginner in need of an interaction


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Hi! I am in my first class of ASL, and I need to meet with a deaf individual online since the only deaf event will occur after my class is over. I am willing to video chat through Skype. As I said, I am a beginner, so I am still rusty, but I would love a chance to communicate with someone and see how the interaction goes! Thanks!!


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Did your teacher assign this as a project? I hate when they do that. Here class, go find the deaf, treat them like a side show, get your points for class. Meanwhile the deaf person is stuck either being rude, or having an awkward conversation about meat, pizza, grapes, and milk because you've only gotten to the first unit in Signing Naturally book 1. These should be left to ASL 3 or 4. At least then it could be a decent conversation.

Sorry if you're just a beginner looking for friends. The possibility of it being an assignment just struck a nerve.