Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?


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Yes get very embarrassed now, never used to, now its like i cant buy back 50 damn years, all "mishaps" seemed to be explained to me, all my fault, , now worse off even more, so even more embarrassed. im not just 'deaf', the world out there the hearies are actually behaviourally 'deaf' !! sigh


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Embarassed, nope, frustrated with people getting angry with me because I can't hear them well, yeah.


Rather than being embarassed, I feel very frustrated and afraid to open up. More often than not, i pretend i understand what others say. I was taught from a young age by my mother to hide the fact that I am HOH, because she thinks I'll get belittled and tells me to hide it from employers if i can. I'm still trying to come to terms with being open about it, but its really going to take a long time before i can. When i tell people im close to, they often tell me they don't know because i hide it pretty well.


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I don't really get embarrassed but every once in a while I'll be in a situation that will be a cause for some embarrassment at not being able to hear what's going on and reacting strangely because of it. My personal favorite is when I say "Oh, I'm sorry, I have hearing loss" Or something along those lines and someone responds with "Huh?" The first few times it happened, I genuinely thought I needed to repeat myself. I now realize it was just people being assholes. Even my best friend does it to me.


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I dropped off my hubby at the hospital for hernia surgery. I couldn't stay in the waiting room because my son was at his school. Anyway, I had errands and picked him up at the school. I went back to the hospital on the time after Hubby's surgery was over. I planned to pick up my hubby after he felt better and ready to leave in his recovery room. It was about 8 pm. The problem was the office was empty due to business hours. I looked at the phone on the desk. The sign next to the phone said that I have to call in case the patient's surgery was over and where the recovery room is. Oh, really???? Do you expect ME to call on that phone? I had to find a hospital security guard and explained that I couldn't call on the phone and asked her to take me directly to hubby's recovery room.

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I do get embarrassed. I am good at pretending to hear what is being said or walking away from a conversation if i am not able to keep up. This annoys my partner but i have nothing to add to a conversation it is not worth my time standing listening (not able to keep up)
I also find people who dont understand that your deaf or Hoh try to raise there voice.
Or then you have the people who think its funny to whisper or over express words with there mouths and try treat you like a trained monkey.
I am thankful to be isolated. I do not trust people i do not know.
Even when people have to be told i make my husband tell them. I just find it so hard to express myself face to face with people
Are you usually isolated? How is it something you are able to cope with?


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Was always well guarded with my surroundings and who I knew. I didn't put up with shit about my hearing. People who didn't know me or those too ignorant got set in their place....


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I get embarrassed when i am with my hearing family. They make fun of me a lot and none of them sign. My wife is my savior a lot of the times.
My family in Australia are the same. My ex-husband here in Finland learned ASL with me but nobody else. I use Skype (with captions) to talk to my family in Australia, as my dad is too afraid to use a computer - and also wants to kill the man who took my hearing away.

I would so love to have another Deaf in my family, even so I just have somebody to talk to at family reuniions. Otherwise it is like sitting through a talking film with no subtitles or closed captions.