Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

Nita Thomas

Very informative article....Do you ever feel embarrassed by your hearing loss? #hearingloss #HOH #audiology #aging
I haven't been embarrassed but I have been intimidated so I haven't tried for careers I could have done, just because I lacked the confidence that was needed since both were professions - nurses and medical assisting, seemed to rely on hearing abilities. I don't think my lip reading skills are up to par even though some people have thought so.


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I get embarrassed when i am with my hearing family. They make fun of me a lot and none of them sign. My wife is my savior a lot of the times.


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Im in those situations a lot. I dont get embarrassed, more frustrated and sometimes indignant. I get tired of having to excuse or explain myself. I wish it were more visible to save me from wasted explanations, because no matter how much you explain yourself it vaporises into nothing and you are back to square one again. Wearing a device doesnt help as hearing people think you can hear just like them 'that why you wear them right?' Sign Language is your only friend here. At least when they see you signing they at least know you are Deaf.