Are you deaf and compliance officer?


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I am deaf and was a Mailroom Supervisor. It does not appeal to me at all to sit about all day long. I googled for a list of jobs that I can keep moving all day long. Compliance Officer is one of them. I would get that job easily if I was hearing. I was wondering is it possible to be a deaf compliance officer? I would like to know where should I apply to be a Compliance Officer? Thank you!


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We have compliance officers at the hospital that I work for. They're in charge of making sure that we follow all the rules and regulations in regards to patient safety, privacy laws, and business practices. I don't know that there's a lot of moving involved with this job. At least not where I work. It's a lot of desk work.


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I used two hearing aids is good for me.
I don't know what your hearing loss level is. Can you hear a police mic clearly with your hearing aids? I am confused. You used a past tense. Does it mean you don't wear them right now? If you can't hear a police mic clearly with your hearing aids, you can't pass.