Application or Resume?


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Which companies interesting to easy hiring by rèsume or application?
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I would say grocery stores, big chain stores like Wal-Mart, Targe, Bigg's, fast food chains are places that hire easier than any other places. If you don't mind cleaning, then you could try hotels.

The best way is to apply to a couple of those places. Wait and see if you hear back. If not, then follow-up by calling them and asking about the application.


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It usually depends on the job. Most franchise and retail businesses do applications. Most professional businesses and offices do resumes.


If you are one of the dumb ones, you can work for Walmart or Target. They have high demand for menial workers. If you are one of the smarter ones, you will have a bigger challenge to proving other companies you can do the job, but will be worth it as you may be earning more money. In my experience, resumes does a better job WITH applications. So, fill out that application and turn it in with a resume!