Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

I took to using Linux several years ago because I just hate Windows and all the grief and aggravation that comes with any Windows OS. I found Linux Zorin, which is every bit as easy to use as Windows and without all the issues Windows has. Been using it for the last 10 years. Anyone else?


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There are a few here who do use Linux. Some threads in the technology sub forums too.

I don't as haven't really gotten into Linux; tend to stick with Windows as it's a little easier with programming applications. Soon to add a Mac laptop if I can find the funds for that and bootcamp! But I did try Linux years ago on my older PC- Knoppix.
Im Linux user. I did have LinuxMint OS which are much more comfortable to use. I used to use Ubuntu until they changed desktop. I didnt like it even I can change back to old school look thru Repository but I was just kinda lazy tho. I built new system so I was able to use full Compiz on desktop. Love it!!!


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Sticking my toe back in-- using Puppy linux on sister's laptop in trying to recover anything possible. Pretty sure the hard drive is near death...:( . The ASUS laptop was a workhorse...
Have anyone tried Tiny Core LOL. it's fast and nifty for old computer.

DeafDucky, I've used Puppy Linux for IBM Thinkpad with 500ghz processor and 256mb memory (max). It was a big help and able to use my Blackberry as modem many years ago. Awesome!!

I just downloaded Andoid OS (for x86 and x64) in Linux Distro and ran it, Didn't have luck on Intel system. I will try on my Asrock system (Asrock 970 Extreme 4 mobo with AMD FX 6830 6 Cores processor and 16GB HyperX 1866 memory and Hilo Wireless a/g/b/n MiMo PCIe Wireless adapter all built in Coolmaster Gamer case. (my kids drooled all over my system and I told them I own it and you can't have it.). I usually run Windows then run Virtualbox or VMware to run any kind of Linuxes. Why because if I have Linux OS desktop and run Virtualbox with Windoz in, it sucks big cuz you can't use it for VP, can't watch netflix from there (it's so choppy) and lot of issue which Linux don't. I used to run VMware "Unity" mode that "merge" Linux into Windows on desktop. It's so nice to have "combo" of two in Desktop but it's a real resource hog cuz my Acer Aspire1551 had a limited 4gb ram memory and cannot upgrade any more due to BIOS limitation. I can try again with my Asrock system.



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Tiny Core? That one I'll have to keep in mind...maybe use that on my old Dell laptop (it's 9 years old now). Haven't decided. Would really like to get a newer laptop- either mac or windows- as eventually if ever I'd like to go back to school- preferably a coding bootcamp of some sort.


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I have used Linux for many years and have had my hands on different distros. But I hardly stick to one OS due to my work and switch from Mac, Windows and Linux. But I prefer Linux for programming... Very good support for programming languages and just a single command in the terminal would do wonders like installing an entire package.
I want to get on board here as a Linux user. Been using Debian since Version 3. No Windows in my house! Well, no Microsoft windows. I do have some of the regular some of the "look out of the" kind.
I use Linux. I started out with Debian GNU/Linux in 2001. I spent a few years distro-hopping and am on Linux Mint today. I'm currently learning how to write my own apps in Python 3.
I'm a fairly extensive Linux user... both at home and at work.

Currently these days I use Ubuntu for all of my home devices, CentOS and Arch Linux at work.
I use Linux. I started out with Debian GNU/Linux in 2001. I spent a few years distro-hopping and am on Linux Mint today. I'm currently learning how to write my own apps in Python 3.

LOL you almost in same page as I am . I did start fiddling around with Linux in 2001. Started with Red Hat then Mandrake and afterward, I did web search on Linux and came across Knoppix, Puppy Linux and several more. After testing distros and I love both of them. Eventually tried Ubuntu and love it for a while until few years ago they changed the desktop view even I can switch back to old school desktop through repository, Switched to Sabayon Linux (heavyweight fancy 3D desktop that made my friend drooled all over it). I like Arch Linux for older computer then now my fast Windows 10 system have VMware'd for Linux Mint (I love it so much). I ended up downloading too many different flavors of Linuxes and even many versions of Ubuntu and I had too many CD that I burn copies of Distros, ended up throwing away cuz it go so old... I even installed Virtualbox into Windows 10 so that I can run Linux.

You know what's interesting!!?? If you have Linux Box and install VMware or Virtualbox for Linux.. Installs Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) and run it. You'll see why Windows don't run well because it cannot access to Graphic card to speed it up. You can run VP on Windows inside VMware but it's slow and choppy which sucks big time. So If you reverse it, using Windows Box with VMware or VirtualBox for Windows and install Linuxes of your flavor. It'll run happily inside VMware with no issue. Interesting!!! I wish I can run Linux 100% with ZVRS, PURPLE, Sorenson but it won't work even with Wines. Only VRS that works 100% is Browser base Flash player Conovo which works perfectly with webcam but you cannot call any Deaf VP to VP, it's for VP to Hearing call.. Unfortunately... While I was ZVRS installer years ago, I asked and suggest Z to build apps for Linux, they won't cuz it cost $$ and it's not popular. I told them if they do, they would have had more Linux users to depend on it.

I am novice Linux user and I even hack Linux programming to get hardware to work with Linux and even get browser to run Netflix (now Netflix finally opened up and allow Linux user to enjoy Netflix without hacks because former M$ employee who was hired by Netflix had Silverlight for all Windows computers and not allowing Linux while CEO of Netflix is Linux supporter (learned about it). After M$ guy left Netflix, CEO removed Silverlight and move toward to Multi-Plaform compatible so now why we can enjoy.

I love Linux because I don't have to worry about Malware, virus ect mess up. Download it and install, watch .exe or .msi pop error message. LOLOL..

Right now, I'm trying to install and run Android OS (from Linux Distro). Apparently the developer only caters certain laptop to work with Android OS. Shoot!!

I wanted to buy Pine64 board and build "Smart TV box" and install Linux OS that works with it. ... I wanted the most powerful board they have so I can run Android or Linux. They said that it can runs Windows 10 and are waiting for M$ to cater it. (not interested on that). Itll be cool if the tiny system runs very fast on Linux and I would probably use it for my workbench for websearch, watch Netflix, Youtube ect.. while working on my project even chat on VideoChat.



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PuppyLinux--- I used that to get files off of my sister's dying (now Dead) Asus laptop. It was fun and challenging to learn my way around- notably how hard drives and USB drives are identified as and how to access them. I also have a Knoppix CD somewhere but haven't touched that in years- booted from the CD but I think my old desktop was too slow...

I have Ubuntu for Windows (since they added it in on Win10) for my programming stuff (Ruby right now- later Python 2/3) and of course the mac laptop. A lot of the Linux commands remind me of the old DOS commands I used to do on PCs waaaay back when *cough*.. LOL. VisualStudio Code also has a built in terminal for quick testing purposes. I do have a virtualbox but don't really use it a lot except for a course I did on command line (and I think Git...).
I'm a Linux user and I keep wondering why not many people use it. I guess because it's not so popular (got something to do with its marketing team then), and cause' Windows and macOS have been around for ages. Linux does have its advantage over Windows that I found very useful for my daily work, you can read more in this text:
Above all, I use it because most of the software package is free :)

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