Anyone here recommend a nice vacuum cleaner that works to pick up dog hair?


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I know this might be a weird post, anyone here recommend a nice vacuum cleaner that picks up pet hair good? I didn't know where to ask this q :lol: :ty:


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[ame=] - Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210 -[/ame]

This one is great.


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I have this, an Electrolux Versatility. Mines a little older I think, and it's white and purple not white and orange.

She shows you sons of the features but I didn't watch the whole thing. The handle pops out and the hose attached extends soooo far. There's an attachment to put on it that even has a rolling brush, great fir pet hair!!, I'd put that piece on it, leave the vacuum on one floor and be able to vacuum the stairs with that attachment all the way up the stairs without having to move the vac any higher, the hose extends that far. It's pricey but I got it at costco on sale. It's totally badass.

Electrolux Versatility Vacuum Cleaner Video Review - YouTube


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A couple I know have 4 dogs and I think 2 cats (cat #3 recently died)- they love their Dyson with all that dog hair lol.
years ago I liked that small machien I can pick it up and clean up faster than a vaccum but blah. they don't make it anymore lol that used to exist in 1980's til late 1980's I think ;)


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We have 2 Hoover WindTunnel vacuums. We got the first one when we lived in the previous house that was a colonial and instead of schlepping vacuum up and down stairs, we eventually got a second WindTunnel. We moved into that house in 1997 and hubby researched on vacuums and based on Consumer Reports then, got the first WindTunnel. Then a few years later and with three dogs <all of whom with double coats; the Lab in particular left tufts everywhere>, we got the second one. We lived in that house til 2012. The original WindTunnel we got in 1997 - we still have it and it still works just as good.
Don't expect the gizmo that tells you when to clean the filters (they just rinse in water and need a day or two to dry out) on that windtunnel to work. My filter will be coated solidly with dust an 8th of an inch thick or more, and it won't trigger the gizmo but it's very obvious that it needs to be cleaned.

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