Anyone else heard of people learning asl and it helping dyslexia?

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    So I am wanting to become an interpreter, also I am dyslexic. My dyslexia isn't too bad, but it can be frustrating and it makes reading difficult. I always thought dyslexia would hold me back. When I was a server/ cocktail server and I got into my work mode; I had my own chicken scratch writing that helped with speed writing/reading.

    ASL has been in my life, off and on, since I was a child. But it was always limited on what I needed to know. But when I made a friend, who was also a mom and we clicked, I started really learning the language. I wanted to be able to talk to her and her not do most of work. As I learned ASL and practiced the language. I wouldn't physically sign at work, but I started saying only what I could sign.

    It changed how my brain processes information. Not really what I was expecting but it is going to make my journey much easier. Now, I can organize my words better. I'm more confident when I speak. I don't have to think of sentence structure before I talk. Rereading is becoming a thing of the past.
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    Your experience is interesting. I have not known of ASL to be beneficial to people with dyslexia.

    I have known several people with dyslexia (hearing and deaf) whose challenges persist when signing.

    I only found one article on the topic. In this case someone with dyslexia had an easier time learning ASL as a second language when other languages were just as challenging as their first language (English for this person).

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