Anybody have ferrets? Share your pix here!


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Originally posted by BabyPhat21
Ferrets are illegal to own as pets
in which area??? depend on where u live for Ferret banned. So far I read Dummies Book for Ferrets. Only two places for forbid any ferrets in Hawaii and Washington, D.C.

Some states allow anyone own ferrets with license or not. Therefore, ferrets are not 100% banned in USA. That's big relief.


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hmm, i don't think ferrets are not allowed to own as pets in D.C. I know a few who have ferrets and living in D.C., Strange. I wouldn't own one, I had an bad experience with one when I was a baby so I don't want my kids to go through the same experience with a ferret. :ugh:


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Originally posted by Lasza
Whoa!!! Glad this thread is bring it up about Ferret. :)
My roomate Gonji own a ferret since last year. his name is Clay. Sorry, I don't have a pix right now. Will ask Gonji for pix of Clay asap.
Yes same to Clay for like to tease on people's toes and many things. My cat Kobe loves play wrestling with Clay. Notice most cats and ferrets get along so well.
Have a deaf ferret???? kewl someday I like to pet Deaf ferret. Here in Colorado for any ferret owners not need to have license or paper for prove to own. Heard Hawaii and Washington, D.C. forbid any ferrets.
I used babysit ferret sometime while my roomate go out of town. REally enjoy. Ferret is more interesting hyperactive creature I ever petted.
I was told by my cat's vet about any ferret under 3 years or younger, hve to get more shots plus vet visiting each 6 months. How odd, LIza. Every vet dr have different opinion, i assume that.
not sure about bring ferret across the oversea. have to ask vets about that. cuz of the size. that's possible.
i tell you my secret. notice cat liter and ferret liter are much different. love about ferret's poop and peeing on the corner as always!!! 258 to know!

TOTALLY intresting sissy I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CLAY he's ADORABLE! hehehehe and I MISS KOBE give kobe my love for me :) hehehe


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AAAAAAAAA Justin!!!!! I love the pix, and thank you very much for sharing them!!! Smooochies and hugs to you guys and gals for wanting a ferret (provided that you are committed and loving to keeping one) or even just lovin' one!!

Interesting, once every 6 months!! My vet in Bethesda, MD always have me check in once every year.. and he's really good with ferrets, actually he specializes in ferrets.... :D I can give you guys his contact in PM if you are living close by in MD. He's very compassionate and great with ferrets and wasnt scared of dealing with me, a deaf person. When I took my babies to him for their shots and checkup.. he was so kind enough to provide them their fav treat, while he was administering the shots.. they did not cry or jump in shock at all.

Babyphat, the last I knew of ferrets being illegal anywhere - Cali, DC, and Hawaii.. all the rest are legal for ferrets. Dontja just love those little critters! It's just disinformation and fear on the politicians part that had those innocent and VERY domesticated animals banned in those few states, or even require special permits. There's a list of states of having banned ferrets online along with good FAQ about ferrets as pets: Hope this helps! I think it's a great idea to yourself educated before you make comments based on just opinions or hearsay without proper knowledge. You also are free to make your own research online.

Teekie, sorry abt ur bad experience as a baby. Everyone has different experiences, I bet. My babies never had a problem with children when playing with them, but I always supervise their activity at all the time with any child as well as inexperienced adults!!!