Any gay men out there?


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Wow, this thread got bumped from 2006.

I'm bisexual - attract both of man and woman. ;)


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ibazly said:
I'm gay! And a man! Oh, wait...

... checking my pants...

... yeah I'm a man!

I'm hearing though, I don't know if you specifically wanted deaf gay men to reply. But still. Hi! ^_^
Hi Sir I'm Van. :).


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Cheshier45 said:
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Gay guy here. Sorry for no pic. I'll be getting One soon. Lol I like to network and stuff. For me I can't tell who is gay or whatever. I have no gay dar. Lol I'm 20 never been in any sort of relationship. It's kinda Sad. :-(
LOL ive no radar either!! Your not alone :P


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I m deaf gay male
ImageUploadedByAllDeaf1396409888.636986.jpg who wanna me to be yr lover I m jerry

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I m deaf and little cp


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does anyone know of a online chat room that hard of hearing and deaf gay people go and chat in. this thread type of site is very confusing for me... i think a online chat room would be a lot easier...


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you can pm that private..there are gays on here but cant force people to contact...I know a few but they not American