Annoying hair and crinkling sounds?


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I got a hearing aid because I have hearing loss and was hearing/feeling vibrations at night that kept me awake. ( I am hoping having a hearing aid will re-wire my brain back to not feel vibrations.
However I really don't like my new hearing aid. The hair flopping on my ear when I walk is super annoying and how loud the crinkling sounds of everything plastic wrap is driving me nuts. Am I going to have to cut my hair short?
Am I going to get used to this? Would I hear this stuff if I had analogue HA?
Thanks for any discussion on this...


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Hello and welcome!

I would say you would get used to it over time. Each time I got new HA's, it would always seem loud and then things get normal after a month or so.

Also you would need to wear it as much as you can so your brain can adjust. This will happen every time you get new HA's

Good luck!