Anime or manga fans


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Everyone pull out your favorite Animes or Mangas. Mine are Naruto and Detective Conan :D
I just purchased the entire Studio Ghibli catalog. Well, its 21 blu-rays or around that.
Ive been tinkering with the idea for awhile so I went ahead and splurged. Some titles were used, most arrived new.


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I'm a fan of Sailor Moon. I also just finished The Ancient Magus Bride on Crunchyroll and really liked that too.


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Me too! I'm a fan of an anime called Detective Conan. It has 8 seasons and I'm on season 4, it's so interesting, I can't stop watching it.


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Lmao I love how that show hasn't stopped after all these years

One Punch Man
Fruits Basket (manga)
Sword Art Online (only watch the first 12 episodes... dats it!)
Angus Magis Bride (manga)
Kamisama Kiss
Detective Conan
My Hero Acadamia
Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Alchemist
Any Hayao Miyzaki work (-Ponyo e.e)
and I'm sure there's another one somewhere..