Android or iOS


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What platform is better for application development? I need to create medical app.


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Both have its pluses and minuses. I know there are languages & frameworks* around now that you can easily program for both android and iOS rather than having to create two entirely different native apps. BUT if you want hardcore- Android may be better? Java or javascript there while iOS is Objective C (I think it's been a while since I've been concentrating on my education the last 3 months lol).

*(one of them is React- which I'm learning right now).


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It is good question. It really does come down to business case. Firstly you need to know your audience, understand the current state of both the population of phone users, as well as software development. Even if you choose a cross platform approach, there are still reasons why you might choose to focus more on one platform first over another. I think this article will be interesting for you.

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