Amherst MA area?


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I’m new to Western Mass and I know no one. Is there any events or community get togethers for Deaf people?


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Welcome to the area :wave:

These are mix of Deaf/deaf/hh and ASL students and welcoming to all levels of signers. The attendance varies.

ASL Club of Western MA
3rd Sunday of the Month at 1pm
This is a group I started recently and still trying to get the word out.

ASL Social at Atkins Farm
2nd Sunday of the Month at 1pm
This meetup usually does not meet in May due to Mother's Day or other months when the 2nd Sunday is a busy holiday at the store.

If you have a facebook account, there is another Amherst/Northampton ASL Social that meets at Fitzwilly's Restaurant & Bar in Northampton. I think this one is mostly ASL Students.

These are more Deaf/deaf/hh specific:

Western Massschusetts Association of the Deaf/Hearing-Impaired

Holyoke Deaf Club