Am struggling at the moment!


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Just to let you guys know that right now am really finding things a little difficult due to many things that are happening in my life.

1. My father is now very gravely ill and will soon be gone from this world.

2. Experiencing alot of stress at work due to many issues that have arised.

3. Been pretty sick due to lack of sleep with all that has been going on.

So right now am not in much as I should but try to keep an eye on what is happening in alldeaf to keep update. So please bear in mind if there is a long absence from me is cos of the above situation.

Thanks everyone.


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Oh Sasha, I'm sorry that things has been difficult for you lately. I'm sorry about your father. Hang in there, girl. Things will get better for you soon. :hug:


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Oh dang, Sasha.... no wonder ya been away for a long time to deal with stuff that ya have to do with.. I'm sorry your dad will be gone, but at least he will find the peace he needed to be free of the pain he has suffered for the time being... and as for ya being ill as well, I do hope ya will be able to recover well from that... do keep us all informed of what is happening..


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I hope things will look up better soon and sorry to hear about your father. You are in my thoughts n prayers.. :hug:

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Sasha, you are in my prayers, as well as your father too. Take it one day at a time. Come back when you feel ready. You're always welcome back to alldeaf when you're ready. I'm sorry for all the stress you're going through right now. Try take it easy as you can. Hugs....


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Ahh Sasha, I'm so sorry to hear about your father and the rest of your struggles hang in there, You are in my thoughts and prayers along with your father and your family.


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I am sorry about ur dad. I wish I have right words to make u feel comfortable but I do not have. Hang there and hopefully u will find some peace withn somewhere.


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oh no sasha,
no wonder you were not on much these days i am sorry about your dad and he is in my prayer
take easy girl HUGS


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Sasha, will pray for you hoping things will get better. I am sorry to hear about your father who will be passing on. Hang in there, take all the time needed to recover and get plenty of rest.


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Sasha, I'm very sorry that you're experiencing so much stress now. :(

I'll pray for your father, and for you. :hug:


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Hey Sasha,

Take it easy and hang in there. Be strong. My prayers and thoughts to your father, you and your family.



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I'm very sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you right now. :hug:
Try to take good care of yourself throught he stressful times, andif you need to talk, we are here to listen.:hug:


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thanks everyone for the lovely comments. It has really boost me up knowing others out there are still caring.

Am slowly getting better but still very tired and strained at the end of the day.

My dad is still slowly deterioating every day. Am going home next weekend to see him also to celebrate his 85th birthday so will be the last birthday we will have with him.

Work situation hasnt changed yet but am getting thru it slowly with alot of support from management who are now supporting me.