Ally lee steinfield

Ally was a 17 year old Transgender year old girl. She just came out in May, during the month of September she was reported missing. Recently Missouri police find her with her eyes gouged out and genitals removed. Four people have been took into custody for the murder and were not charged with hate crime.
She is at least the 21st transgender to be murdered since this year.

But can we all take a moment and just pray for her family who has lost their Daughter. Pray for her friends and anyone close to her. Nobody deserves to be murdered and especially not like this. Doesn't matter trans or not nobody should be killed nor should anyone lose someone due to hatred.

She was only 17.. She was so young had so much of a life ahead of her. Ugh it's ticking me off that someone could hurt her.
I don't understand why being trans is such a huge issue. Just let people do them and everyone else do themselves. No one deserves to be killed for being themselves.
Exactly, Like in general it's horrible to kill someone but I mean why would you kill someone just because they are trying to make themselves happier? That's like killing a girl for wearing makeup, or for killing a vegetarian for not eating meat. Whatever makes someone happy should be passable. Makes me sick that the world is so horrible. It's dangerous and everyone at this rate have to be app scared to be themselves and I'm not just talking about lgbt people. Just the slightest difference now can get you screwed up in this time now. It's horrible.