Alarm clocks and timers - design project!


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I am a second year student at Imperial College London, working on a group design project focusing around the user group of the deaf and hard of hearing. We are working to design and create an alarm/timer device that has strong non-auditory outputs, and means that when timing, people are not constrained to the room where the timed activity is taking place.
We would love some feedback and comments about the issues that d/Deaf people have with timers/alarm clocks, and anything they would particularly want out of one. Our brief states that our final product must be mechanical in some aspect, so we would appreciate any ideas on this!
If anyone would be interested in helping with the later development of this project, please let me know. We are looking for users who can help us test and develop our designs in later design and prototyping stages. Our aim is to genuinely benefit the d/Deaf community with our final product, and this is the way we feel that we can do this most effectively.