Age Gap Relationship


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My SO was 22 my junior and we had surprisingly few problems between us. She knew sign, and that was key. In pitch black darkness we could still communicate, albeit with laughter. We went our separate ways but remain friends to this day.


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I know a lot of people will tell you that age doesn't matter. They will also say the heart wants what the heart wants. This is all true. However, to me, age does matter and also what the heart wants, it doesn't always get. Let me tell you why.....

My grandparents were `17 years apart in age with him being the older one. They had a family, they had their ups and downs, and they stayed married for over 50 years. Yes, they did love each other. However, my grandfather died at the ripe old age of 88 and my grandmother was only 71. She was heartbroken and devastated at losing her husband of over 50 years. She lived until she was 77. At 72, she was diagnosed with pelvic cancer. She didn't tell any of us she had this diagnosis and she chose not to undergo any treatment even though it was caught early. She chose this because she wanted to join the love she lost.

My cousin is turning and her husband were about 19-20 years apart. They were married about 30 years. They never had a family but they did have their ups and downs and they did have love. However, my cousin's husband passed away a few weeks ago. He was 75 she is only 56. She is beyond heartbroken at the loss of her husband.

You see, I feel that even though they had love and they had a long marriage; I can't help but to think that they kind of brought the heartbreak upon themselves by marrying someone so much older than them. When it was my turn to date, I did date a few older guys but in the end, I married someone my age. I did not want to be with someone so much older than me. I didn't want what my grandma went through and what I knew my cousin would also go through someday. While I realize that even a young guy can die young the chances are much higher of living a long life together and dying close in years if you are close together in age.

So, in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with dating someone older than you but it is not something that I would recommend anyone to do. I have witnessed firsthand the results of that.