Ada suit against my university?

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    Hey guys!

    Sorry I haven't been around I've been so stressed out with school and work. I am a semester away from graduating from Metro State in Denver with my BS in Human Services to be an Addiction Counselor.

    With one year left in my degree the head of the department banned me from any in person classes. I took online classes this last semester. I've been using a FM system in my in person classes in other departments and have had a lot less problems. Now I've exhausted the classes I can take and need a handful of Human Service classes to be able to graduate and because of her ban I cannot graduate with my degree. I didn't spend all this time and money to go back to school for this specific degree to get some random degree. I already have a bachelors. I need these specific courses to get my certification in the state of Colorado. They can be completed through an off site program but they're super expensive and don't count for university credit and I'll have this unfinished degree I'm $5000 in debt for.

    I've worked with my Access Center coordinator to try to talk to this woman. Both her and the dean say they can't do anything, she gets to decide her program and that's that. Her reasoning is last semester I had "conduct issues" in her course. She said I "talked too loud" and "had miscommunications". She didn't use an FM system, she regularly spoke to us while sitting in the back of the classroom, she insisted on in person meetings all the time instead of e-mail so of course I didn't understand what was going on.

    This has been going on since last spring. I'd been taking classes no problem until all the sudden this woman didn't like me. It's gotten to the point where I'm looking to transfer to CSU Global that has a BS in Human Services program online so no communication problems. I will continue my advanced ASL studies at Arapahoe Community College just paying for the one course. I've been looking into getting my MA at Gallaudet.

    However I want to file an ADA suit. This one woman cannot treat me like this. Other students had so much worse behavior. One girl would make fun of anyone who shared personal stories and call people "f*** worthless junkies". She apparently she would make fun of me under her breath my friends told me because she knew I couldn't hear her. I told the department and they didn't care.

    I'm at my wits end, can anyone help?

    Thanks! <3
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    Talk to the 504/ADA coordinator. Talk to EEO. talk to the university lawyer.
    She is a deafist and a disablist.
    file an ADA complaint. then document everything. you will be retaliate or shunned or ostracized. then transfer out.

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