A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III


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I've watched few JFK movies.. I vaguely remember about the assassination in Mexico in 1994. I was junior in high school at that time. I could imagine the darkest year in Mexico just like it did with JFK for USA. I may take a look sometime... I'm not surprised about conspiracy theories out there... there is so many of them out there from President Assassination to Space Shuttle Challenger.
Netflix's Colosio feels like a mix of Kevin Costner's JFK and Gary Sinise's George Wallace. It's a political thriller. 1994 was the worst year ever for Mexico. For instance, NAFTA was born in 1994 and Mexico opened the door to foreign investors. But many Mexicans split their decision over NAFTA. Zapatista Army rebels fought for their cause against the government and even kidnapped a former governor. So many things happened that affected the Mexican economy and foreign investors's decisions lead to high risk assets. $$$$!

Couple of months later after Colosio's death, former President Carlos Salina's brother in law, Massieu was gunned down in his car in the middle of the day. It wasn't that far from my private school. Massieu was a former governor and secretary general of the PRI. His death was never solved, either. It was widely believed Carlos Salinas's wacko brother, Raul was involved with his death. So, the Mexican economic crisis was bad at the end of the same year. Kaboom.