90% Deaf are UNEMPLOYED


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The fact that it’s taken this long in some ways is a sad note. But if it in any way allows for African-Americans or those who are disabled – 71 percent of the blind are unemployed, 90 percent of deaf people in this country are unemployed. Maybe one of them could figure out a cure for cancer, but we can’t get them into the workplace. The educational proficiency of the disabled surpasses the national education average, and yet we have these horrible unemployment rates in those communities.
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I afraid if that true :dunno2:

Remember... it's blog, eh...


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Seems to be it might be one of those made-up statistics.

Of the six deaf people I know personally, four work 40-hour weeks for paychecks, one is a homemaker married to a working hearie, and one is retired from Well Fargo Bank.

Technically, that small sampling shows 66.6% employed, closer to Authentic's number, but that figure is skewed on the downside, because the deaf wife is working at home without welfare, and the other deafie is retired, drawing well-deserved pensions, loafing, and spoiling her grandkids as God intended.


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That's so unbelieve...

It would be roughly about between 50% to 70% are unemployment, not including with part time.


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71 percent of the blind are unemployed, 90 percent of deaf people in this country are unemployed
That seems to be a bit odd. I'm almost positive that they may have accidently transposed the percentages.


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There's 90% of deaf people being un-employed? Hmm, I wonder where did they get the information mainly on deaf people being unemployed by a staggering percentage? I'd be interested to see where they were able to find the statistics based on that result.

Sure, There are some deaf people who are un-employed, working under the table and there are some who actually holds a job. I don't think believe the high percentage is at 90%. It seems a bit high even for the deaf people. If it was around maybe 60 or so, then yeah it'd make sense.


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Funny, I am gonna have to agree with others here on the post, because I find it very hard to believe that you posted 90% of deaf unemploy it don't sound extacly right.

The Deaf population throughout the world faces many challenges in life. Others who do not understand deaf culture or people often discriminate against the deaf. One of the more troubling statistics for the deaf population is the unemployment rate. As the National Unemployment rate can fluctuate from 4% to 6% for the general public, the unemployment rate for the deaf is usually over 60% in most states. These statistics beg the question, why are we not utilizing our capable individuals?


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Wow, 90% is almost like every deaf person doesn't work only 10% works. I don't buy that either. I'm deaf and employed. Alot of my friends are employed too. Of course, there will be some that canNOT work for reasons. I just don't buy it.. 90%... *thinking* no way.