2020 Upgrades: Canada IP-Relay Now Much Better (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc)


The new upgraded Canada IP-Relay clients used by Rogers and Bell Canada are much better and more smartphone-friendly!

1. The IP-Relay website is now responsive, can zoom properly (make fonts big) with Chrome zoom.
2. Works perfectly in mobile web browsers including iPhone and Android

And to top it off, there's also an app in the app stores. The app is not as good as the mobile-compatible website (works in mobile browsers), but it's usable. The upgrades to Canada IP-Relay makes calling banks / CRA / jobs / airlines / etc much easier for those times I need to place a phone call.

If you tried the Canadian IP-Relay service and hated it, google "<Carrier> IP-Relay"
--> If you're using Bell Canada, google "Bell Canada IP-Relay"
--> If you're using Virgin Mobile, google "Virgin Mobile IP-Relay"
--> If you're using Videotron, google "Videotron IP-Relay"
--> If you're using Telus, google "Telus IP-Relay"

You will find the sign-up page that way for your Canadian phone company. All of them are required (by CRTC) to provide this service. They all use the same app, and the same web interface. Once you sign up, they will give you an account, and allow you to place phone calls on any device now...

Canadian IP-Relay website now works on everything, even an old laptop (any OS), or old WiFi iPod or an Amazon Kindle Fire! ... And if you prefer big keyboards, it works well with any of your favourite Bluetooth keyboards too, for the big TDD experience.

Also supports HCO, VCO, etc, so you can even use the cellphone (on speakerphone) for audio at the same time as you're using IP-Relay! (You have to place the call at the same time)

Soon, Google Transcribe will do this without relay operators soon, but we still need IP-Relay for those important calls, like calls to the taxman or other important calls.
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can deaf Canadians make calls to Sorenson users here in the US?
No but you can build something similar to Sorenson.

You can create your own home-made video relay service now! Or your own home-made Captioned Telephone. No operator needed.

I just use WebCaptioner.com or Otter.ai to realtime-caption my Skype calls (both Audio or Video) and Facebook Messenger calls (both Audio or Video) now, redirecting incoming audio to AI transcribers. (instructions for Windows laptops). It just takes a bit of computer setup with something called a "virtual audio cable" while opening two windows at the same time (your favourite video chat software + the caption window) but it works nice.

If you have a MacBook paired with your iPhone, FaceTime calls can also be captioned in a similar way too, using the Mac virtual audio cable app (Such as MacOS Loopback App to redirect incoming FaceTime audio silently to a virtual microphone that can be transmitted real-time to the free WebCaptioner.com website via Chrome browser for Mac).

100% privacy, no operator needed, the new AI transcribers actually works faster than operators, and can now do 300+ words per minute with less lag, the captions appear under 1 second delay for me. I do not use Sorenson, I just use mainstream video chat software because I can add AI captions to almost all of them now.

For me, computer-based realtime text is good enough for 90-95% of my English-language phone calls to people who understand my voice.
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