10 breeds favored by dog thieves


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The AKC reported a 70 percent increase in dog thefts in 2012. Dog “flippers” are out in force, stealing and selling other people’s beloved pets for top dollar. If your dog belongs to one of these 10 breeds, you need to be on high alert.

#1 Boston Terriers: Boston Terriers are a small, very popular breed. And they're known to be very social, so it's easy for dognappers to befriend them quickly and run off with them.
#2 Chihuahua...Chi's hold the unfortunate distinction of being the most-stolen breed in U.S. cities in recent years. Part of the Chihuahua's popularity stems from their role as celebrity "accessories." Their owners find them easy to bring along — which also makes them easy to steal and conceal.
#3 French Bulldog....Frenchies are the third most frequently stolen dog in the U.S., thanks to their portable size and the breed's huge popularity.
#4 German Shepherd.....Purebred German Shepherds command a high price. They are typically stolen and flipped as attack or fighting dogs.
#5 Labradoodle......Labradoodles are commonly referred to as "designer dogs." They are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle (typically a standard size or miniature), a Lab and a 'Doodle, a Poodle and a 'Doodle, or two 'Doodles. Designer dogs are very trendy right now, which means thieves can sell them at a high price.
#6 Labrador Retriever.....The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the U.S. (for several years running). This makes them plentiful for stealing, and easy to sell.
#7 Maltese....The Maltese breed is extremely popular with small dog lovers, expensive to buy, and just the right size for thieves to pop into a large purse or backpack and be on their way.
#8 Pit Bull.....Sadly, Pit Bulls are usually stolen for use in illegal dog baiting and dog fighting. Unlike smaller, less powerful dogs, many pitties spend a lot of time in the backyard, making them easy marks for thieves.
#9 Pomeranian....Poms are popular, pricey, and their size makes them easily snatch-able.
#10 Yorkshire Terrier....The tiny Yorkshire Terrier is the most stolen breed in the U.S. according to the AKC. And here's why: Yorkies are a very popular breed; purebreds sell for thousands of dollars; and they are tiny and therefore portable, making them easy to steal.


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Interesting list! I currently have 2 chihuahuas. Had 4 total. I learned my lesson when letting them out back to do their business and not watching them. They didn't get stolen, they got attacked by my neighbors young rottweiler. Mine were on leads in my yard. Incurred a vets bill for $700.00. Handed the neighbors that bill, and they did pay it. They got rid of their dog the very next day. Now, I watch them when they do their business.


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I thought German Shorthairs would've made the list. My roommate has one. They're known to be good hunting dogs, although this one does not go hunting. Gun shy. I take her with me for rides often, and I make sure I lock the car when I'm in the store.


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#10 is false, I don't care if you have a stolen pure bred or not.... They are worthless without the papers. That's a fact, as my wife had full bred Havaneese's. With papers she could get $500-$1500 for a puppy... without papers, you couldn't give them away.
You have to apply for papers using the parent info and if you don't have that info you aint getting papers. Fake papers are easy to check calling the AKC, ect... to verify which is listed on the papers, yes the papers can be faked but a quick call then and there will verify immediately. Don't get scammed.


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Really sick what some people do...I'd never leave my dog alone if I could have one again. Unfortunately, my job and home don't make that suitable right now....