1. M

    Hello There!

    Hello! My name is Amaya, but everyone calls me Maya. I am HOH but consider myself Deaf! I am also an 18-year-old female from Florida! I have been HOH since I was younger, around 7 or 8, but Deaf (involved with the Deaf Community) since I was 14. Although I am Oral, I am fluent in ASL and...
  2. Oliver

    Ally lee steinfield

    Ally was a 17 year old Transgender year old girl. She just came out in May, during the month of September she was reported missing. Recently Missouri police find her with her eyes gouged out and genitals removed. Four people have been took into custody for the murder and were not charged with...
  3. Skyeriley

    Help learning asl?

    I'm a SFX student (18) with a large interest in ASL and deaf culture. I dont know any deaf people personally but i would love the help in learning, is there anybody around 17-19 that would want to sign with me? i dont know much, mostly just "useful" or "basic" words from the apps i got. total...
  4. A

    Meeting deaf or hoh teens

    Hello, my name is Alex and I'm 17 years of age living in northern California and I am hearing. I have a very close friend named Eddie who is deaf. I used to hang out with him quite a bit and one of the first things he told me was that its hard for HOH and deaf teens and kids to become friends...
  5. thekaelabaela

    Hearing girl, wanting to learn more asl (and make friends in the process)!

    Hello, guys. My name is Kaela. I'm currently learning ASL. I really love the culture and I think the language is beautiful. (I'm at a basic beginner level, unfortunately. However, I am a REALLY fast learner.) However, YouTube can really only do so much help. I'd really love a teacher, to help me...
  6. Buddythebirdy

    Teen Selective Mute Looking For Friends

    Hi! I'm abigail, a mute as said above. I'm learning asl and dutch, slowly. Its hard to find friends that arent mute or deaf that i get along with, too many questions. I'm really nice and outgoing with a passion for learning. I have knowledge of the deaf community, im 15 and from minnesota usa. I...
  7. Amelia-grace

    Hearing Girl Looking For Cool New Friends

    I really want to make some cool new friends! Preferably 16-20 years old. I'm just starting to learn ASL and I'm a quick learner but hopefully you could be patient with me lol. :)