skype buddy

  1. Shea!

    Nice to meet you guys!

    Hello everyone! I was recently introduced to ASL through a friend during the summer of 2017. During that time I practiced (almost religiously, without consistency/persistence a language cannot be learned). Most of the time was spent doing individual research and practicing fingerspelling/word...
  2. languageautodidact

    Skype anyone?

    Hi, hearing girl here. 18 years old, just graduated high school...looking to make new friends; I'm a night owl and would love to have someone to Skype every once in a while. My signing isn't fabulous but I'm working on it really hard. If anyone is interested in just chatting, let me know(:
  3. Kaitlyn Moore

    Friends to video chat with and sign

    I want to get better at signing and being able to understand what the person is signing I'm in ASL 2 in high school and plan to either pursue into deaf education or interpretation but I would like someone deaf or hearing to chat with preferably someone who knows more ASL than me
  4. A

    Learn Asl

    hello my name is alyssa. I'm looking to learn asl and make lots of new friends. iv always loved asl. had a deaf girl in my class in high school, I loved talking with her, the only down fall we had to wite back and forth b/c I did not know asl. I have a 3yr who has autism, when he was a baby I...
  5. Lauren Hussung

    Skype Asl Buddy Needed

    16, US eastern time, and a hearing female. I'm new to this site and I hope to find some friends to practice ASL with. I have a skype and could possibly remember my oovoo password if it helped. I am still a beginner but I would really like to improve my skills. So message me if you're interested :)