1. C

    Looking For Some Help Wth Ci

    I got an implant in 2014 and haven't been able to use it as I am getting sounds like morse code that gives me headaches. I have been to my audiologist and they don't seem to understand, does anyone else have the same problem? If so did you resolve it and if so how? Thank you
  2. Norly Joy

    Need Help For My Animation

    Hi guys, My name is Norly and I am an animation student. I created this thread to ask for your help. As you can see, I want to create a 1 min animation where a young girl is deaf and she met this cosmic entity in her dream which told her not to give up on her ambition of being a scientist. In...
  3. B

    Asl Glossing Help?

    I'm an ASL 1 student and I was just wondering if someone would be able to check over this glossing and explain to me what's right and what's wrong. You don't have to correct it for me, but I'd love more in depth explainations than what I've been getting. Thanks in advance!! A happy childhood...
  4. M

    Need Some Help Please!

    Hey guys, so we've been asked to work on a design project and I need some help with that. I suppose it is a little insensitive to be asking for information in my very first thread, I'm sorry about that, but the project deadline is approaching fast and I really really need help. I am working on...
  5. K

    Esprit 3g Coil Cable Needed

    This is my first time on I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do this, but earlier today the coil cable on cochlear implant went out. It was my only one. Cochlear won't send me another one due to it bein discontinued. I have had this hearing ever since I had my surgery in 2004. I...
  6. fionaahamilton

    Can Somebody Please Give Me A Name Sign?

    Hello, my name is Fiona! I am hearing and I know I'm probably not supposed to be in here, but I'm very interested in the deaf community! I do know sign language, but I need a name sign. The rule is a deaf individual has to grant you a name sign so I was hoping somebody on this site could give me...
  7. Soulvei


    How do I create a sig? I looked all over the dashboard several times but I must have missed something. All I can seem to do is create a "status update" but I want to be able to update my status while still having a signature that explains that, while I can hear, I am mute. I'm hoping to run into...