1. Carlos Ruiz

    Hello everyone! Not new here. Been a while but my first introduction.

    Hello everybody! Haven't introduced myself but been here for a while. I'm Carlos, from Mexico been living in FL for 6 years. I'm constantly evolving myself at a salvage speed every single day. All I know it's that I work hard to be in my ideal life. A lone wolf, avid reader, deaf, very...
  2. Kaitlyn Moore

    Looking for deaf friends

    I started learn ASL in the fall and now I want to start meeting deaf people and actually see what I can do I want to make friends in new places and just get better
  3. Kaitlyn Moore

    Friends to video chat with and sign

    I want to get better at signing and being able to understand what the person is signing I'm in ASL 2 in high school and plan to either pursue into deaf education or interpretation but I would like someone deaf or hearing to chat with preferably someone who knows more ASL than me
  4. Tamer

    Hello Everyone

    hello everyone my name is tamer . i'm from Israel but now i study medicine in Europe.i always was fascinated by sign language and i decided to learn ASL .i'm looking for some friends that we can chat and motivate each other to continue studying ASL . Add me on skype : tamer88884 :)
  5. C

    Looking For Friends!

    Hello! My name is Courtney and I am hearing! I currently am learning ASL and am hoping to interpret one day! While I am doing okay in my courses, I know that I should be doing GREAT and I feel like I am not because I don't engulf myself in the community. I have a deep passion for what I am...