1. H

    ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art

    Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread...
  2. D

    Asl song for class

    I was wondering if anyone could gloss or even film them doing it to help me out it is a final in my class, And we have to preform in front of the class. Thank you! Old man knocked on my front door With my teenage boy and a couple more from up the road He had him by the collar Said he caught him...
  3. Carlos Ruiz

    Any deaf entrepreneur?

    Any deaf entrepreneur over here?
  4. C

    How deaf researchers are reinventing science communication

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share this video that I worked on for my science channel, which highlights the use of ASL in STEM fields. We followed a biologist at the University of Rochester who is developing new signs in biology, as well as working with ASLCORE to develop signs for all fields in...

    Want to practice ASL

    Looking for someone to practice ASL with over video chat. I have FaceTime, skype, and snapchat. I am a beginner and I have my Final exam in ASL1 tomorrow.
  6. itsmezali


    Hey! So I’ve been learning BSL from my friend at work who is completely deaf and when her friends (who are also deaf) come in to visit her she includes me in conversations and will stop to tell me a new sign or explain something. One thing that has happened a lot is that different people use...
  7. Oliver


    So my school used to have a sign class this was at least 6 years ago. They got rid of it because not many people would select it as an elective. Now, we have 5 hoh kids (that I know of) and a few kids who don't speak well or struggle to talk. We also have several students who have hoh or deaf...
  8. P

    Need advice finding good program to learn ASL

    Hello! My name is Casey, and I am hearing individual currently studying ASL 2 at my university. I will be graduating with a BS in psychology this spring. I am considering taking a gap year before attending graduate school, and I would like to whole heartedly devote that gap year to continue...
  9. prisca

    Hello Lovely People

    Hey hey! My name is Priscilla and I'm from South Jersey. I recently began getting back to learning ASL and I'm in need of anyone to sign with me using the Glide app or just message me on here about Deaf culture or more about the history or stereotypes or anything else related to Deaf culture. I...
  10. Carlos Ruiz

    Hello everyone! Not new here. Been a while but my first introduction.

    Hello everybody! Haven't introduced myself but been here for a while. I'm Carlos, from Mexico been living in FL for 6 years. I'm constantly evolving myself at a salvage speed every single day. All I know it's that I work hard to be in my ideal life. A lone wolf, avid reader, deaf, very...
  11. panda22

    I've got some q's for hoh and deaf people who know asl

    I've been taking ASL for a year now in college and I know a good amount of signs. I'm just pretty slow at understanding people when they sign to me. Do you get annoyed when you're asked to repeat yourself more than once? Also do you get annoyed when asked to slow down? I've always wondered...
  12. Shane Kelly

    Tricks for learning

    Hey! So I have this processing issue - in addition to severe bilateral hearing loss, and tinnitus, I also am a slow processor which is tricky when learning ASL. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, and if so, how you deal with it when learning sign. I've been learning with my wife for...
  13. N

    Hearing person learning asl

    Hi all, I'm a interested in learning ASL. I have self taught myself for the past two years but I mostly just do PSE. I plan to study ASL in college and was writing my statement of purpose. I don't know much about the deaf community and any do's or don't's since my school doesn't offer ASL and I...
  14. totallynotamaru

    Hearie looking to learn asl and deaf culture

    Hi, I'm Amaru. I'm 14 and I've really taken an interest in learning asl through the internet, which is admittedly not the best way to learn a language, but there aren't many classes in the middle of Ohio that aren't in a college. Being the only person I know with interest in signing and deaf...
  15. Ambuhhlurr

    "why would they use him and not just a hearing asl interpeter???"

    So recently my teacher became viral. During Hurricane Irma he was one of the ASL interpreter for one of the emergency conferences held by Governor Scott. He became know as the "Most animated interpreter" because he used body language and facial expressions while most interpreters don't. Some...
  16. mmills89

    Hi, my name is melanie! (19f)

    Hi, I'm Melanie. I am a 19 year old hearing girl who is learning ASL in college. I am very new, but very excited to keep learning. I'd love some practice pals, hearing or Deaf, and appreciate any help. Feel free to contact me to practice. (Glide: mmills89 ; Skype: message me)
  17. Rylee

    Looking for deaf/hoh friends!

    Hi, my name is Rylee and I'm 18. I'm an ASL/Interpreting major as a freshman in West Virginia. Being from such a small state, our deaf community is tiny so I don't have the opportunity to learn from many Deaf irl. I would love to be friends with someone who can FaceTime me and help me sign...
  18. Sierra Szymanski

    Hearing person trying to learn asl

    Hi. My names sierra. I'm from elkton MD and I can hear. However I have always been so interested in ASL and the ability to communicate without words. I want to learn. I feel left out of this beautiful silent communication. Anybody have any ideas on what my next step would be ?
  19. DeafCSI

    Hi everyone. i would like to introduce myself

    Hey, hey people. Whatz shakin'?. My name is Ms. Royce. I am deaf now for 10 years due to meningitis. It took me just about all 10 years to accept my deafness and learn a new way of communicating. My hearing loss was sudden. It devastated me. But now, I am becoming fluent in ASL with the help of...
  20. J

    Could an app that translates sign language to text be useful?

    Hello Everyone! My name is Jay, I am currently completing a 4 year Bsc Computer Science degree. I am making my Final Year Project where I am planning to make a Sign language translation application which translates sign language into typed text. I want to develop an application that will...