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Today 06:31 PM
Home Renovation/Construction
I only recall using WordPerfect in one temp job. I can't remember who the client was, but when I was working downtown last year I walked by a building and I thought to myself, "I had a temp job in... (2,969 views, 199 replies)
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Today 06:29 PM
Lol I see that now Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using AllDeaf App mobile app (1,215 views, 38 replies)
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Today 05:59 PM
Hello from Chicago!
I miss not living in Ca. ! You could just about have a garden all year long . Hi :wave: ! (226 views, 8 replies)
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Today 05:29 PM
:welcome: (216 views, 9 replies)
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Today 05:23 PM
Trouble with CI/Tinnitus?
Yep... Sent from my SM-T217S using AllDeaf App mobile app (214 views, 6 replies)
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Today 04:49 PM
What song are you listening to?
1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T's. (113,240 views, 832 replies)
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Today 04:45 PM
What did you learn today? Part II
Welcome back! (5,588 views, 284 replies)
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Today 04:45 PM
Man with machete attacks diners in Ohio
A guy named Mohammed attacks an Israeli deli,and they think it was random? That's like a coroner my dad used to talk about who concluded bodies full of knife wounds with feet in cement pulled from... (72 views, 1 replies)
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Today 04:43 PM
Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Assistance
Just curious, how is VR in NoVA today? My parents used VR to get help for me to enroll the preschool in NoVA about very long time ago. (973 views, 34 replies)
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Today 01:29 PM
Superbowl 50
That;s nice, Tousi...but "why" does Garth have to be "kind enough"?... (1,400 views, 44 replies)
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Today 01:09 PM
Apple iPhones...
the HA option on the Android- I've not tried it on an iPhone (not sure if iPad has it or not) is semi useless. There's no difference. But then again most things I listen to in comparing sound... (406 views, 24 replies)
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Today 09:36 AM
I'm hearing, I have a crush on this deaf girl..
LOL I was being sarcastic... but I agree. There are some weird people out there... and relationships are harder to find in todays world. (1,369 views, 41 replies)
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Today 06:20 AM
Burger King unveils hot dogs
I love grilled hot dogs so if they are organic , then I will order them. Probably wishful thinking on my part. (222 views, 5 replies)
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Today 03:40 AM
Marlee Matlin at Superbowl 50
I am not sure how old their tv is but the fonts/size setting is probably why it was so tiny. One of these days I may have to figure out how to sneak in there and see if I can adjust it lol. It may... (1,333 views, 32 replies)
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Today 03:27 AM
Deafness at work
Most people don't notice or would treat you any differently. There are of course clueless people out there (on just about any topic) but thankfully there are not that many of those types and... (1,154 views, 11 replies)
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Yesterday 11:36 PM
SLP easier to find than ASL class
Actually that's right. It's fairly rare to encounter a SLP who is very experianced with dhh kids. Most of the time, they're more experianced with other disorders. (321 views, 8 replies)
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Yesterday 11:10 PM
What Are You Reading Right now?
I am reading "Chicken Soup for the Soul" about dogs. Very cute book. (93,952 views, 896 replies)
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Yesterday 10:54 PM
A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III
Others confirmed pic are showing up this way. (190,202 views, 3,113 replies)
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Yesterday 09:49 PM
My Protein ...
Thats what we are made of... science. (491 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 09:20 PM
Politically Correctness
Update on the Navy rating changes: (1,360 views, 79 replies)

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