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English to ASL gloss translation

I need help translating the lyrics of a song from english to ASL gloss. The song is "Mad World" by Jules Gary. Would anyone be able to help? I can post the lyrics if need be. I'm looking for unique and meaningful translations. I don't want to keep signing "Angry world" for the chorus. That is not the meaning of the song.
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I guess on look like Poem I assurance my opinion! I look like translate! I am difficult look look like

Mad Worlds translate, I will search find out I figure out my think myself!

:hms: I am difficult think figure! complication words!
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Crazy world fit better angry world.
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Is not difficult to translate lyrics. Just interpret what artist is *really* trying to say. Describe what they write instead of word for word translation. Then put ASL to your description.

For example:

"All around me are familiar faces"

I would translate that to "FRIEND LOOK+AT [fingers look everywhere]"

This means to me that I see people I know (friends) everywhere.

Sign for FRIEND | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary
Sign for LOOK AT | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary <-- but fingers look all around instead of straight ahead. Wish I could find what I mean.
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