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One method to watch subtitled videos on Iphone or Ipad

I just thought I'd pass this find along. I know this method has it's limitations but it works well.

Here's what happens. Imagine you have a video on your computer and you also have the subtitles file for this video. In other words you could watch this video with subtitles on your computer. But the file format won't work on your iPhone or iPad. What I'm about to go over is a way you can watch that video with subtitles on your iphone or iPad no matter what format it is.

Now here's the down side. This method only works with a Wifi connection and your computer and iPhone or iPad must be sharing the same wifi connection. In other words if you're at home and both your iPhone/iPad and computer are both using the same wifi connection.

Go to the App Store and download an App called "Streamtome". Fallow the instructions to get it all set up. All you'll have to do is download a small program on your computer. So to recap, you'll have the app called "Streamtome" on your iphone or iPad and a program called "Servetome" on your computer.

Once it's installed you'll be able to open the Streamtome app and open all the files on your computer on your iPhone or iPad. This includes all documents, images and videos.

Now, to watch your subtitled movie on your iphone or iPad fallow these steps.

The video file and subtitles file must be in the same folder on your computer and also have the same name. In other words if your video files is (starwars.avi) then your subtitles files must be called (

Now open the streamtome app and find your video files. Before you play the video though tap the little blue circle with an arrow in it next to your video. This will open the options for playing that video. Scroll down and you'll see a selection about subtitles. This is where you can turn the subtitles on. So, enable the subtitles then start the video. It'll now stream from your computer to your iPhone or iPad with the subtitles.

One more tip, in the menu you opened to enable the subtitles. You can also adjust the size of the subtitle text. It'll be at the bottom with a bar you can slide to make the subs text bigger or smaller. On my iPhone I have it adjusted to 0.8 but you can make them any size you like.

Here's a video that shows this app being demonstrated with an iPad. It's exactly the same with an iPhone. Unfortunately this video doesn't show the subtitles capability but you'll still see it in action.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this find along. I happen to have a home business and this is great to be able to watch movies as I work (Some of my work can be done while I watch. LOL).

Ron Jaxon
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If you want to watch subtitled vids on the go:
dl a program called "iPodme".
Drag and drop movie and srt/sub file and it will convert the movie to iPod format.
Then drag that to your iPod in iTunes.....
Make sure captions are enabled in settings!
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Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.

I just found a new app that I'm really liking so far. It's called subplayer and its free in itunes apps. It must be new because it hasn't gotten any reviews or ratings yet. But I'm gonna write a review and rate it soon because it seems to work great. I can't find a video to show you but it comes with one that demonstrates how to use it.

What you do is have both the video and the SRT file on you're computer. Open itunes then in itunes open the subplayer app. Load the video and srt file into the app on itunes then sync.

Now if you open the video in the subplayer app on your device it'll play with subtitles.

Very easy and it'd working great so far. And its free so check it out.

Ron Jaxon
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new app for viewing subtitles

Hi everyone,
I'd just like to suggest a new app we've developed for viewing subtitles on your iPhone or iPad, synchronized with your viewing device.

For example, you could watch a movie at the cinema using your iPhone for subtitles.

I think it could be of use for the deaf community - let me know what you think. Any improvement suggestions let me know and I'll add it to the todo list for the next version!

Download the app here:!/id877811411

Craig Grummitt
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