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giving old hearing aids away

Has anyone ever done this?

My father is clearly losing his hearing but refuses to do anything about the situation. The situation is manageable for now, but there is a lot of miscommunication and repeating. I've signed to him (rather than talking loudly), but his response is a smack on the head or imitation- neither parent knows any sign language. He keeps saying that hearing aids are too expensive. I offer him my old ones (Phonak - brought 8 years ago) which could be reprogrammed for him. I would have worn the hearing aids until they broke, but the audiologist decided that I needed the new settings - for large groups and so forth. Anyway, he won't take them. I won't be home for 9 month. So I'm going to leave them with the bills I guess. What happens with your old hearing aids?
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This is a great topic, paperclip. There are organizations such as the Lion's Clubs that take old hearing aids and refurbish them for those that can't afford to purchase new HA's. (And, as an incentive, folks, you can get a tax deduction for your donation!) I suggest checking with your local deaf organizations to find out who has a doantion program in your area.

I am sorry to hear that your father is having such a tough time adjusting to his hearing loss. Be patient with him. The older we get, the more difficult it is for us to adjust and adapt. He most likely feels as if he is loosing control of his own body, and that is difficult to deal with.
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I just recently purchased my second set of hearing aids. My father also had trouble hearing and always refused to do anything about it. He did finally agree to have his hearing checked when I got my new aids and offered him my old ones. My dad knew he had toruble hearing but balked at the cost. For me, I used the reasoning that "here are the aids, it won't cost anything (but maybe a minimal fitting fee) to try them, if you don't like them, then don't use them, but at least give it a try" and what do you know? It worked! I can honestly tell a huge difference in my dad, not just in how well he understands (which he still has a hard time with), but also in how he is now not as tired or irritable. He says he can still hear without them, he just understands better with them; I say "whatever" as long as he will wear them! LOL!!

If you really don't think he will ever wear them, do you think they may be useful to you as a back up? (I have always wanted the luxury/comfort of having a backup aid). If you think you can do without them, you might check with a local state agency that provides services for D/HOH. I know that a lot of organizations out there cater to children with hearing loss so that may or may not be a route to go. I know when I first found out I needed hearing aids, I was a single mom in my 30's going back to school and there was no way I could afford it, so I went for several years without hearing. Most 'help' was geared towards kids (I found a grant to help with my daughter's aids rather easily). If I am ever in a position to help someone else by donating aids, it will be to an organization that helps younger-middle aged adults with hearing loss or to give them to someone directly (just b/c of my own personal experience).
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