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Do new puppies usually eat soil, grass, and bugs?

Do new puppies usually eat soil, grass, and bugs?
The breeder we got our beagle from told my Dad that Peerless Puppy Pak has everything she needs, only she has horrid breath and has eaten grass and soil since day one and she eats every crawling insect under the sun and burrows her head in the grass for the bees (they are burrowing in the grass this year in Toronto for some strange reason), but this is not normal and I'am constantly being told by family members that it is.

Please tell me whether this is normal or not!

Thanks Cane Corso!
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Puppies will get into everything and the grass the puppy eats is to help clean the dog's stomach out and the puppy vomits up the bad stuff and keeps the good stuff inside the puppy's stomach. I would say your puppy is a normal puppy. Just keep an eye on your puppy and don't let your puppy lick any anti-freeze or oil or gasoline off the cement surface etc. You can read a dog owner's manual for your specific breed then it will explain everything what is normal or not normal. You also can go to a dog forum for the specific dog for example I used to be a member of a german shepherd forum. They can give you tons of good advice as will the dog owner's manual as well as asking around on AllDeaf for those who clearly love dogs and have experience with dogs. You also can go to Cesar Millan's website and read the frequently asked questions and if needed you can send an e-mail to him and see what the situation is too. God Bless and Please have many more happy years with your new puppy !!!!!
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I Agreed With Heath. It Pretty Well What I Would Have Said. If You Don't Feel Comforable With The Pup Eating Bugs. There Are Some That Your Pup Will Learn Quickly When He Or She Get Stung By Bee, Wasp And So On. Enjoy It! They Don't Stay Cute Too Long.
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All puppies are curious and will try to eat anything--same thing for human babies at a stage when they are exploring the world around them. Puppies will learn its mistakes such as bees stinging them, etc. Make sure it does not get into cupboard that have cleaning stuff, paint thinner, paint, other poisonous stuff, etc. Puppies and dogs will eat flies for snacks which is normal. Its been many years since I ve had a dog but I remember my dog doing the same thing too.
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