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Cool Awesome place--I actually feel welcome here!

I stumbled upon this site when looking for info about Deaf Culture. I want to help my Deaf fiancee not feel forced to be in Hearing Culture. I myself feel like a refugee from the Hearing Culture--I am autistic, and hearing autistics feel uncomfortable in the Hearing World due to the LOUD NOISE. My fiancee is a deaf autistic.

Thanks for such a great site!! I love it! You guys are so helpful. You're helping me get my fiancee to understand her Deaf Identity. She is confused about it because her parents forbid her to have one. Thanks for the info! I have always been amazed by Deaf life, especially signing, and my fiancee helped me become a fluent ASL and PSE speaker.

You guys are helping us understand Deaf life, and helping her understand that deafness isn't a handicap--it's a fascinating way of life that most hearing people (whom I call "hearing-and-dumb" or "Deaf impaired" ) just dismiss as "stupid", "babyish", or just don't even care about.
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I have to say that it really is a great forum, keep up the good work.
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