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  1. LadyZephyr

    Deafie/hearie Slang Origin?

    This question popped up for me today while I was browsing the forums so I thought I'd ask for some insight... When or how did the words 'deafie' and 'hearie' pop up? Are these more recent slang from within say, the past ten years, or have they been around for a long time? Also, I've been called...
  2. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in the General Chat or Our World, Our Culture forums and it seemed too specific for the Student and Interview threads but let me know if you think I need to relocate this discussion. Although new to alldeaf and hearing, I've spent several hours reading the forums...
  3. LadyZephyr

    Hearing/learning/writing - Please Advise

    Hi folks! I joined this forum because I'm in the process of writing an adventure story featuring a deaf adolescent female MC and I want try to do it without being rude, patronizing, or clichéd. Since I know very little about deafness or the deaf community, I thought a forum like this might be a...