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  1. Mewtilation

    UH OH!!! Add more to the list!!!

    Judge Strikes Down Indiana Ban on Gay Marriage - ABC News https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.co Going in the right direction...
  2. Mewtilation

    Holy beans, possibilities in Florida!?

    Judge: Conservative groups cannot become co-defendants in Miami-Dade gay marriage lawsuit | Steve Rothaus' Gay South Florida A judge ruled that three anti-gay groups can not become defendants in the gay marriage law suit! They will be able to be heard in court, however. The way I'm reading...
  3. Mewtilation

    23 Words that mean something totally different in Florida

    Yup.... that's about it. :laugh2: :rofl:
  4. Mewtilation

    Did you know?

    :shock: :eek3: I'm sorry, I read this and didn't know if I should be incredibly sad... or incredibly amused... As it stands right now, I laughed and shook my head in disappointment... *facepalm* 1 in 4 Americans Think Sun Revolves Around Earth: Study | And no, I'm not pointing it...
  5. Mewtilation

    Talk about some terrible stuff right here holy crap!

    I couldn't even believe this when I read it... Are you SERIOUS!? A FIVE YEAR OLD?!?! How many incredibly intolerant and stupid people we have out there... Disney Channel child star Mia Talerico, 5, targeted with online death threats - NY Daily News
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    What was your favorite gift this year?

    Okay, so now that Christmas, Hanukkah and all those holidays are over, it made me think about all the fun I had and nice gifts I got from people that listened to me all year and I didn't even remember I wanted! I realize the holidays are about family time, friends and loved ones... However...
  7. Mewtilation

    "She didn't have time for that"

    Mom Sped From Traffic Stop, Hit Cop Car: Fort Lauderdale Police | NBC 6 South Florida Unfortunately, this happened in Florida. She didn't have time for that! :laugh2:
  8. Mewtilation

    Greetings from the land of Sunshine and...kittens?

    Hello! New to the site, just joined. Looking to meet some friends ect ect. I'm from Florida, yay Florida... there's lots of old people around me, so hoping to meet some people around my age and what not. About me? Well I'm not good at writing about myself, but I know I'm very talkative, and...