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    Whenever I sneeze, I get it done and over with. A few seconds later, I get this ringing sound in my head and it won't go away for a while. Does this ever happen to you when you sneeze?
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    I asked my dad, "how do relationships work?" He said that it's a give and take where both people are equal in serving the other person's needs. When there's children involved, it's similar but a different story. I asked, how? He said, well, when the man disciplines her child or when she...
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    Near-Death Experience

    This happened yesterday. When I was getting my blood pressure checked, the band that goes around my arm was inflated too much and it stayed that way for a few seconds til it deflated. Somehow, my body had a bad reaction to it and I got lightheaded so fast. On top of that, everything started to...
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    New rig

    It turns out that my laptop isn't up to par with the graphics-intensive programs that I have. I'm thinking about buying a whole new setup on The list is as follows: Intel X58 ATX Motherboard Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz Quad-Core Processor EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800...
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    Shiny Stars for my Girl

    One time when we were dating, she once told me that she loved stars and I thought she would like this. :) Much love <3
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    Moral Dilemma

    During a conversation, a guy asks his friend about how he is planning a party and told him about his neighbors. He said that one of them is really hot and has huge knockers, but the other neighbor is really fat and doesn't look hot. His friend was like, what's the problem? This guy said...
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    Do you drink milk?

    I typically drink 2-3 glasses of milk everyday because I love it. By accident, came across an article about how milk may be linked to cancer and it got me a bit concerned because of my consumption levels. Milk Causes Cancer Too DOES MILK CAUSE PROSTATE CANCER? Does Milk Cause...
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    I'm happy to announce that...

    my mom decided to go back to school to finish her medical assistant certification. It's been over 20 years since she went to college. Because of life changes, she dropped out and raised awesome kids. Now that they're all off doing well, she realized that she now has the time to fulfill her...
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    I've had a few experiences where my siblings and peers have gotten upset with me because I text while I hang out with them. Is it really a bad thing to text while you're with someone and where do you draw the line? Just curious....
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    As many of us know, there are many cases of underage drinking in the US. Although it seems harmless, I have seen how bad it can get when young people get very drunk. What shocked me a few years ago is that my cousin from europe told me that their minimum limit is 16 yrs. With the bar up at...
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    Welcome to Oregon

    If you think Oregon means "or a gun", you might be a redneck. If you think its safe to hide in Oregon cause there are many bushes, you might be a redneck. If you think you can get the best deals on trailers and RVs in Oregon cause they're going out of business, you might be a redneck...
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    Did God make us or did he play us?

    Before we are born, our lengths are decided beforehand Before we are born, our expected life is determined beforehand Before we are born, our sizes are determined beforehand Before we are born, we are dealt bad hands beforehand When life gives you Make Make the most of...
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    What you think of dating in the 90's compared to dating in the 20th century (2000-2010) What is different now compared to the 90's era? (Optional: what are the differences in the dating practice for guys and girls?)
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    Board games

    I been playing settlers of catan since 1am with my sis and her bf. Got a couple shots of tequila in me and won, lol. I was wondering what kind of board/card games you like to play and do you still play them?
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    Annoying sounds

    What kind of sounds annoy you? As some of you already know that I wear a CI, it's about 5am in the morning and I'm hearing chirping every 2 seconds. It's getting on my nerves!!! There's complete silence around my room and I'm listening to the humming ventilations outside. In those...
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    Mickey Mouse

    I found this a few years ago.
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    Animated gifs

    Hi, I have noticed that there are animated gifs in some of our AD'ers profiles. but.....I get Any reason why? And how do I upload animations on my profile. Thanks for the help.
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    Today was amazing!

    When it rained really hard that it sounded like cheering from a stadium, I rode the bike around the neighborhood in my shorts and got completely wet. Have you ever done anything as wild as this recently?
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    Cohabitation with a SO

    For someone who hasn't had much experience living with roomates, what are the things that I have to take into consideration before moving out? I have been planning on moving to an apartment in the near future with my current girlfriend. I discussed this with my sisters about it as they had...
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    3D Art

    Hello! I have been working on this project for a couple weeks and want to know what you think of it. I'm majoring in 3D animation and I'm taking foundation classes for it.