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  1. chuck2975

    Learning basic asl then getting master

    Well, if it helps, I'm 53 and never learned sign. I did teach myself the alphabet but not having any deaf friends ... well...use it or lose it. I don't get practice. I really would like to learn sign and use it. But there are not any resources in palm springs. I try to get to know people...
  2. chuck2975

    Audibel Anthem Hearing Aids

    Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your post. I am totally deaf in my left ear and profound in my right . I get by with an aid. (yes...they get more expensive every time.) Im currently in a Starkey AGX super power. Its good with lots of clarity, no feedback and most of the time I...
  3. chuck2975

    What jobs can you do with hearing loss?

    I do have to say this: I was at a Starbucks about a year ago and went through the drive through. I was excited to see that on the screen that you order was a live video of an ASL interpreter! It made my day. I could lip read her. (my sign is not great). But then a couple of months later they...
  4. chuck2975

    Who live Southern California

    I'm in Palm Springs
  5. chuck2975

    What jobs can you do with hearing loss?

    A very valid question. Ive been turned down for bartending,Wall Street Broker call center and fast food because of my hearing. It's all pretty to say nothing should hold you back from your dreams. Now back to reality. I'm 53 and still trying. Its really about who you know and if they are...
  6. chuck2975

    Newbie palm springs

    So... I haven't been around much lately. I'm usually the guy at the party that will make sure its a safe place by holding up the wall. With that said - I don't have a lot of friends or much of a social life. I'm 53 - hey that is young in Palm Springs! I work out at World Gym. I don't go...
  7. chuck2975

    Palm springs

    I've recently relocated to the Palm Springs area. Wondering if there is a larger gay / deaf population? Left ear- deaf Right ear profound - get by barly with aid and still learing sign. Wondering who else is out there?? Chuck
  8. chuck2975

    New Direction... Looking for advice.

    Hello Everybody. I'm in the process of moving to Palm Springs, CA. This is like a dream to me. But I'm a little worried and looking for thoughts/advice. First a little background of me. Im in my 40s and have worn a hearing aid all of my life. I am totally deaf in my left ear. Severe to...
  9. chuck2975

    Hearing Aid - Cell phone

    Hi everybody - I got a question about cell phones. I just got a Sprint Moment and I can hear fine on it in the Tcoil but I can't hear myself talk. I wear a Naida H.A. Thus...Im literally shouting into the phone - even though I cant hear myself. I used to have a Sprint Rumor and it...
  10. chuck2975

    Naida H.A.

    Ok... I have returned the Naida III. Just before I returned it...I tried to give it one last chance. Guess what: It died. I don't know what happened but it just gave out. I've decided not to go for the Naida V because I can't afford the $2,500.00. My audie wants me to try a more powerful...
  11. chuck2975

    What are you thinking about?

    Im thinking... what in the world should I do this weekend. I dont want monday to come.
  12. chuck2975

    Have you changed a lot since you was little?

    I was an angel...a pure angel.... (with horns)
  13. chuck2975


    Never played the piano... I cant read notes. Now...if you put numbers on the piano and put numbers in the music. I had an organ when I was a kid with numbers....the only thing I remember is Silent night...holy night.... da da daaaaa
  14. chuck2975

    Tv Shows

    My FAVORITE show is coming Sunday on HBO - Season 2 of TRUE BLOOD! OMG... I Love that series.... I watched season one over and over. Almost as good as was much better.
  15. chuck2975

    Who want to work at home full time ?

    I would really love to work at home....but I am NOT a salesperson and I don't trust any of these "ads" that are posted all over the internet. I guess Im stuck in my 6 X 8 coffin from 8-5 for the next 20 years.
  16. chuck2975

    Chastity Bono announces sex change

    OMG... I remember when Chasity/Chaz was introduced on the Sonny and Cher Show ...barely.
  17. chuck2975

    Naida H.A.

    The latest; I had my appt this morning. It was interesting. I got my phonak supero back from repairs and it was fantastic and super powerful! I was in heaven. I told the audie what problems I was having with the naida. She told me she wasn't sure what to do. She called her boss in and she...
  18. chuck2975

    New Hearing Aids

    Why if you buy glasses... you can instantly see...but the H.A. takes weeks and longer to get used to! Im getting used to the Naida...but it needs programming for higher tones... Im hearing everything in lower tones. (Like I know what a tone is) Example: In my car...if I dont buckle the seat...
  19. chuck2975

    Has anybody ever jumped in pool with HA's/CI on?

    I've never done that... I've been wearing my aid (can only wear one) since I was 4. My problem is sweating. I love to work out at the gym but I get totally drenched in sweat. Thats the reason Im trying this Naida. I also have a pt time job in Catering...outside, in the summer in heat and...