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  1. Dennis

    Cellphone with front facing camera coming soon to the US!

    Sprint just announced their HTC EVO 4G phone with a front facing camera: HTC EVO 4G is Sprint's Android-powered knight in superphone armor, we go hands-on -- Engadget Holy cow! Mobile video on my cell phone with email, text, and IM! Yayyyyyy! Specs include a 1.3 megapixel front facing...
  2. Dennis

    26 charged in VRS fraud

    Welcome to the United States Department of Justice This document was just released today - outlines several VRS agencies and a VRS provider as charged for defrauding the US Gov't out of tens of millions of dollars. Viable's CEO and COO are at the top of the chain: Wow. I heard about...
  3. Dennis

    SprintVRS to chaos

    Has anyone been following the rising hubbub of buzz with the SprintVRS and CSDVRS split? Seems like people are being forced to choose loyalties or something. RidorLIVE » Blog Archive » No More I did try calling SprintVRS this morning, some people said they were getting calls...
  4. Dennis

    What to look for when investing in stocks

    It's a spin off from another thread, but I wanted to share my philosophy and thoughts on a topic near and dear to home, pertaining investments and stocks. There isn't a forum for finance or advice-related topics, so I'm gonna thrust this in here and let the mods place it where it fits best...
  5. Dennis

    North Korea claims successful nuclear testing underground - U.S. calls for sanctions against North Korea - Oct 9, 2006 I'm surprised I haven't seen this posted in the news section yet. North Korea stated they had a successful test bombing underground today. The U.S. Geological Survey agency has confirmed that there were seismologic...
  6. Dennis

    Immigration is PRO-GOD -- so why do Conservatives hate it?

    I was reading a really great article the other day. In Exodus, Moses states that "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt." For all you religious-types who exhibit xenophobic tendencies, where does the...
  7. Dennis

    Whoa! The FCC just stated that all VRS must interoperate with each other! Good news!

    I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised. As of today on the FCC's website ( it states that the FCC "Declares Video Relay Service (VRS) providers must provide interoperability with competing providers" Wow. They even state that...
  8. Dennis

    What businesses do you call the most?

    Silly question, but when I use the telephone, whether it's VP or relay or TTY, I usually call: 1) Domino's Pizza 2) Charter Communications customer service 3) U.S. Bank customer service 4) customer service So, what businesses do you call? Everyone calls their friends and...
  9. Dennis

    Riddle me this: Genesis 2:24

    So, I was in a heated discussion. Why was the term "father and mother" used in the bible before Adam and Eve even had children or before even the whole concept of childrearing, or even birth or death. The whole concept of father and mother is only after the fall of man and Adam and Eve bear...
  10. Dennis

    Csun Interpreters Win Pay Raise, Lose Benefits

    December 7th issue of Deaf Weekly: Read the article. I'm quoting certain sections of it below: Question for ya'll: CSUN is a public university, with the interpreters being considered employees of the State of California. That means that the state sets their...
  11. Dennis

    Sorenson's POV on the whole VRS / interoperability / etc issue

    Some people here continue to assert that Sorenson's point of view is correct and appropriate, even in light of arguments against: 1) Interoperability: What's Sorenson's justification to prevent their users from contacting other VRS device users by telephone number, when it was possible...
  12. Dennis

    CelSign 2005 - anyone going? (Oct 1, Nashville TN)

    I've been invited to attend the CelSign 2005 event in Nashville, TN this coming Saturday on October 1, 2005, from 5:30pm to 9 or so. I've been told that about 800 deaf and deaf-serving people will be at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to enjoy a rousing entertaining show kicking off Deaf...
  13. Dennis

    CSDVRS in England

    I can't seem to find any online news, but via email I got: This is neat! Now I can call hearing friends in England (it's not 24 hours, drat -- I'll have to figure out the time zone difference again). Of course, I'd have to learn BSL -- hmm. This might be more difficult than I thought.
  14. Dennis

    Exciting FCC developments today (7/14/2005)

    Today, the FCC voted to approve: 1) ASL to Spanish VRS services, effective in 30 days 2) VRS ASA requirements, 80% of all calls must be answered within 3 minutes by Jan 2006 and the time will continue to go down until January 2007 where 80% of all calls must be answered in 2 minutes or less...
  15. Dennis

    MCI's relay business will no longer be an "American company"

    MCI has sold or is planning to sell their relay business to off-shore management: The company in question is vCustomer, an India-based company. Could this mean that in the near...
  16. Dennis

    Alumni Associations

    I've graduated from high school, college, and a college fraternity. However, I am only an alumni association member of one of them. Has anyone else joined their school alumni association? Do you feel you get a good benefit from it? Is it expensive for you?
  17. Dennis

    Verizon Wireless and deaf customer service

    Local St. Louis news: Scroll down to the bottom-most article on the page, "Verizon helps hearing impaired" Verizon Wireless announced that...
  18. Dennis

    16 million U.S. teens have cell phones According to a research study, quite a few younger Americans are getting cell phones, text pagers, and other wirelress devices to take with them to school, social events, and other places where they...
  19. Dennis

    Started an ignore list for the FIRST TIME in my life

    In an effort to keep myself interested in AllDeaf, I've decided to do what I HATE to do and start an ignore list. In my 5+ years of messageboard usage, I've NEVER used an ignore list. My philosophy is, if you have to ignore a poster's posts, it means that you're censoring information from...
  20. Dennis

    If you became a "boss"... would you abuse your power?

    Linked from another derailed thread: Only if you care about your feelings when firing him. What if that coworker is your new boss' friend? You try to fire him, your new boss will want to know why. You may have gotten promoted because...