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    CI Opinion

    YES exactly. Oral exclusive approaches train a dhh kid to be DEPENDENT on a device. That is CRUEL. Why shouldn't a dhh kid have the right to ALL the possible tools instead of being dependent on a device? The world is not a soundbooth!
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    Deaf and from merseyside

    Welcome!!! Yeah I wish the UK promoted something like a year at a deaf school for the dhh kids to work on their skills... Instead it's just Inclusion. Hope you find your BSL buddy!
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    Transferring daughter from CSDR to TSD-Austin-Opinions Please!

    I would think that TSD would be AMAZING. That plus the arts community would be perfect for her!
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    Toronto Guy here

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    New Med-El CI

    Um no b/c insurance companies tend NOT to be very generous. I don't mean to sound rude, but you don't seem to understand how insurance companies work. Heck, it can be hard enough to get approval for one if you have a bilateral loss. Insurance companies HATE CIs.
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    New Med-El CI

    In some cases when they have very generous coverage yes they will cover it, but they won't cover it in general b/c insurance companies tend not to be that generous
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    Nope. Maybe you're thinking of someone else. I never had a relationship with her beyond talking on FB before I found out that she was very unbalanced
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    Yes, she did, and I remember hearing that people thought you changed your name b/c of how insane that poster was.
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I know this is going to get all triggering but remember that insane poster who wasn't even deaf, but who hung out here b/c she had a crush on one of the members here? They'd never met, and she would call the deaf woman every so often....I think she had borderline personality, bipolar etc
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    Hi guys, I am joining any forum I can to talk about the Draeger interlock device... my name is Marta and I am from Maryland.

    This is a weird choice of forum to complain about the interlock device.
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    Hello, Im Mandy :)

    Welcome! ASL is a great second language for HOH kiddos. What usually happens is that the kid can be very oral until 4th grade when the lightbulb goes on that ASL can help!
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    New Med-El CI

    Good luck with getting them as the insurance companies are going to refuse to cover them. I just LOVE how certain people seem to think there is money to unwrap. There is no money to unwrap. Most of us are struggling with the cost of regular healthcare not to add in hearing related healthcare.
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    Make me stay here....

    Welcome! Fix your contact info otherwise you'll get contacted by guys wanting to be your boyfriend.....and it sounds like you'll fit in perfectly here!
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    how the heck does one deaf guy dates?

    Take an ASL class... there's a ton of mainstreamed and raised oral/hearing world people out there. I feel for you. Social issues are HARD, even for hearing people.
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    new person w/ APD

    If it helps they usually don't tell you about it as an option even if you're dhh.
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    B/c the experience is very different, and the info is very much Hearing Health 101, rather then emphasis on community. It's like the difference between a young person's Blind support group vs a VI group for older age aquired sight issues.
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    BTW, not only is HLAA not exactly interesting, it has connections to AG Bell. Dhh from birth/early childhood are automaticly enrolled in AG Bell's membership. It's also against dhh kids being educated bilingally. It also thinks that there's money to unwrap by keeping dhh young people dependant...
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    Old member here

    Welcome back! Wish it wasn't so slow here!
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    LOL. Sure wish they had a local residental college program. But they are an AMAZING source of Deaf events!