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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hi from Central Florida

    Hi and welcome!
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    Toronto Guy here

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    I'm a new kid on this block

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    My Precious Pomeranian "Anita"

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you are holding up ok.
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    Deaf teen tapping her way to fame

    There are two options: One is to scroll to top of the screen and it shows up as option. Other is to click the pull-down arrow next to forums on top of the screen and a window will show up with new posts option showing.
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    Hi and welcome!!
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    Sale Cochlear Nucleus 6 Processor

    While there is nothing wrong with selling those, mind if I make a suggestion? Have you considered donating them? Since most insurance covers CI, I doubt you would find a buyer at a price you want.
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    New to this community.

    Welcome! Sorry to hear about all you went through. Hearings really have no idea what it's like not to be able to hear. Hope you are able to find what you need here on AD.
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    Hello, Im Mandy :)

    Hi and welcome!
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    Annoying hair and crinkling sounds?

    Hello and welcome! I would say you would get used to it over time. Each time I got new HA's, it would always seem loud and then things get normal after a month or so. Also you would need to wear it as much as you can so your brain can adjust. This will happen every time you get new HA's Good...
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    New Member

    Welcome! Sorry to hear you had a nasty fall.
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    Hello :)

    Hello and welcome!
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    HoH 여자

    Hello Brooke and welcome!
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    new person w/ APD

    Hi and welcome!
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    HoH new here

    Hi and welcome!!!!
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    need a speech-to-text app that works

    You already made a thread asking the same question. Why did you make another one??? If you read the rules, it says not to double post.
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    Old member here

    Good to hear from you!!
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    Deaf, hearing relationships

    Wow! Blast from past. Wonder how Shel is doing these days.