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  1. howag

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    After a 3 year absence: Friskyfeline, lanapoo, vacationguy, Bottesini and all the other people whose feathers I rustled during my initial posts(if they can remember it!) I just reread through that whole episode! Ahh memories!
  2. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Just came on here for the first time in almost 3 years. Wow, time flies! I see a couple of familiar names, feels weird to be back on here!
  3. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Loving life at Sussex university :D
  4. howag

    Would you prefer to...

    No brainer, unattractive appearing girl with awesome personality.
  5. howag

    What did you do today? Part II

    Got accepted into the University of Sussex to study law with business!! :D
  6. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    This heat is unbearable.
  7. howag

    The Person Below Me

    Sometimes, but not on a regular basis. TPBM has climbed Mount Everest with one bottle of oxygen and a sack of trail mix.
  8. howag

    How would I fare out in this exercise regime?

    I guess you'd lose weight. Are you on a caloric deficit? Crunches and sit ups aren't going to be as good as your cardio sessions. Remember, there's no such thing as spot fat removal.
  9. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Sing For Me by Yellowcard, has such powerful lyrics!
  10. howag

    Favorite silly/funny movie?

    Anything with Simon Pegg in it
  11. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Haha well I would be lying if I said that wasn't partly the reason :P
  12. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Well, I wasn't really pushing myself, breaking the boundaries etc, it's gonna be brutal now! Gotta bulk up before uni starts in September!
  13. howag

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    new regime at the gym, seems I've been slacking all this time...
  14. howag

    Life in Walled City

    It's similar to the slums of Dheravi.
  15. howag

    Life in Walled City

    I was there last year...well not in the city obviously but where it was. Certainly was interesting.
  16. howag

    What kind of animals do you have?

    I have an older brother, does he count?
  17. howag

    550-pound teen loses weight, gains hope for future

    Nice to hear they made the effort to change! Can someone's criminal record be cleared just like that?
  18. howag

    The most depressing movie....ever...

    The Green Mile was pretty depressing.
  19. howag

    Odd reason for joining

    Yes absolutely, I can only imagine. What are you studying at uni btw?
  20. howag

    Odd reason for joining

    My impressions is that she didn't originally intend to tell people about this so she didn't "come straight out of the gate" with it. She only told people when they raised questions about her avatar? and she's already said why she was using her cousin's I missing something?