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  1. guido

    need help researching for a presentation on educational interpreting

    I have a 1 hour informative presentation due in one of my classes in a few weeks, and the topic my group selected was educational interpreting. I am primarily focussing on high school. Can anyone point me to some resources that I can use for my research? I'm coming up empty handed on Google and...
  2. guido

    the next step towards becoming an interperter

    My journey so far has been long and arduous. I recently completed my AAS in ASL. While my program was not specifically an ITP, I did take a few courses on interpreting as well as intern with a local school's interpreting office. After completing my degree, I feel there's a small disconnect from...
  3. guido

    Interning with a local school system.

    As I'm entering my last semester at my ITP, one of my requirements is to find an internship for the duration of the semester. I managed to land one with the school system where I live, in which I will be shadowing interpreters, and perhaps taking on some light-duty interpreting. The interpreting...
  4. guido

    The catch me up to speed thread

    Hey guys, since I don't have time to go over 3-4 years worth of posts and search for my fellow hooligans of days' past, what has been up? How have you all been? Did we cure cancer yet?
  5. guido


    Does anyone even remember who the heck I am?
  6. guido

    GoAmerica Announces Agreement to Acquire Verizon's Telecommunications Relay Services

    GoAmerica(R) Announces Agreement to Acquire Verizon's Telecommunications Relay Services Division Thoughts?
  7. guido

    I just want to let you all know...

    Levonian is a jackass and I hate him. Piss off, monkey boy.
  8. guido

    sign for Buddhism?

    In preparation for my ASL assignment this week, I'm trying to pick out some vocab I will need for the assignment. I'm having trouble finding a sign for "Buddism." Does anyone on here know of one or is it to be fingerspelled? None of the online dictionaries I've seen have it listed. I'm actually...
  9. guido


    Lately, Ive been had a hard time putting myself in front of a camera and recording my ASL assignments. The reason I surmise is because I'm afraid of my imperfections. The pauses, the "stutters," the wrong signs, wrong syntax. I don't really know how else to put it. I'm just too afraidf of...
  10. guido

    I'm getting published!

    I received my narrative assignment back from my Comp II Honors professor a few days ago, and he was very impressed with it-so much that he encouraged me to submit it to the school's annual literary journal. So this December, I'll be able to boast about having my work in publication. A lot of...
  11. guido

    Who would win in a fight?

    A deaf person or a blind person? :confused: No pacies. :nono:
  12. guido

    Looking for ASL tutor?

    Summer is here for me, leaving me with quite a bit of spare time. I really want to spend this time productively, and my number one priority is continuing my ASL lessons. I've had minimal learning since I was forced to stop classes last Fall. My skills seem to be regressing and I'm forgetting...
  13. guido

    Whatever happened to....?

    AD has a whole bunch of new people since I lasted posted on a regular basis, but many of the people I enjoyed having around seem to be long gone. Nancy, AJ, Katzie, CookieMonster, flyfishfemme, and..... *ahem* HER. I haven't seen posts by any of these people in the longest time. What the heck...
  14. guido

    Court To Reconsider Whether Ups Can Bar Deaf Drivers From Lightweight Vans

    What really burns my biscuits is most tenured UPS employees seem to be against Deafies driving for the company. Yeah, and I wonder how much a safety concern all the drivers chatting up on their cell phones is. :roll:
  15. guido

    ASL Slang

    As part of a "weekly lesson" I am currently "enrolled in," :D I am given a list of 10 signs to learn each week. This week, I was given a list of slang phrases. I am absolutely stumped on these, and don't know where to begin. It was suggested that I ask here, so here it goes. If you could...
  16. guido

    a penny for your thoughts?

    Here's a penny. What are you thinking?
  17. guido

    the chill out thread v2.0

    This is the chill out thread. Everyone on here, just chill out, and relax. Just calm down. Seriously, chill out. CCCCCCCAAAAALLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMM DDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOWNNMNN
  18. guido

    what does this sign mean?

    I've seen this sign used a lot lately, but no idea what it means. With both palms facing down, one hand arches over the other wrist, perpindicularly. It kind of looks like "night," or possibly "English," but I don't think it is. This sign is more towards the back of the wrist. Can anyone help me?
  19. guido

    interesting upcoming episode of Scrubs

    I was browsing through a list of upcoming episodes of Scrubs and saw the description for one episode set to air on April 19, titled "My Words of Wisdom." Here is the description. For anyone who hasn't seen this show, its one of my favorite sitcoms. I'll definetely be watching this episode.
  20. guido

    Did Al Gore invent the internet?

    Yes or no? It's a pretty simple question.