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    Is There A Chat Room Here?

    Im wondering whether there is a chat room in AllDeaf and if so where it is. If not, does anyone know where on the net there is a deaf/HoH chat room which includes ppl in UK. I can only find dating ones, which isnt what I had in mind. thanks
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    Tried My Hand At A Quick Poem

    Hearing loss and tinnitus Its raining outside I can see the drops splashing against the window But its not the old rain that I listened to as I curled up in bed and drifted off to sleep Its silent rain. And from memory I know that there is a large barn owl out there perched on a gate post...
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    Losing Hope

    Hi Last year I developed mild tinnitus, with two sounds that I could only really hear in a quiet room. I was shocked to have noises in my head that I would probably have for life, but I soon got use to the tiinnitus, and got on with my life. Roll forward 8 month, through medical negligence...