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  1. SouthPaw

    Beginner help?

    I'm relatively new to this site and I like it so far. I am having a couple technical issues though. Most recently I'm having trouble displaying an avatar for myself. When I try to upload a picture via the app, it says "Tapatalk has been upgraded. Download Tapatalk...". I downloaded Tapatalk but...
  2. SouthPaw

    Define patriot

    Do you know of William Cooper? Or Edward Snowden? These men are American, constitution loving patriots, but the US government villainizes their existence. In a country like we have today, men like these are what we need more of. Whistle blowers risking their lives to expose the government's...
  3. SouthPaw

    Much needed help and guidance

    Hi, I'm Ryan; and only recently--last week actually--have I been deaf and I now seek necessary assistance. It's a long , convoluted story on how and why I'm now deaf, but I'll give you the outline. In 2011 I was run-over by a train, ya see...I told you it was complex. I used to climb cellphone...