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  1. girlygti

    your friend going to be dad! (non-marriage)

    I understand what you are saying. First off it is great that you congradulated him on being a pre-father!!!! :) keep giving him support that is what friends are for. As far as pressuring him, I think you should not. Are you real religious? In the king James bible look at the book of James...
  2. girlygti

    What kind of wedding did you have(or are you going to have)?

    I am getting married on August 23rd this year. We are going to the J.O.P in the court house. Just my parents and his parents. Afterwards we are going to start prparing our new house!!! small and simple. My man, his mom wants us to have a big BBQ to celerbrate. But I want it small.I over...
  3. girlygti

    for hearing group only , What is ur comment about deaf group ?

    Yeah it is a very nice language. Hey I met my first Rude deaf person!!! (at of all the people I met) she cused at me and told me on paper that "You peoplemake me sick" I work in a bank and the lady was refering to the bank. SO I took no adfence to it. After I started signing a little...
  4. girlygti

    Camera nabs 788 speeders in 2 days

    I think it is far for anyone going over 10 miles an hour to get a ticket, but for the people who were only going over 5 miles over an hour... Thats Bull_SH!T. It gets me upset!
  5. girlygti

    Camera nabs 788 speeders in 2 days

    not sure if you guys know.... before you guys go to rock fest please read this... so you don't get any tickets....
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    2002 Ninja 250

  7. girlygti

    2002 Ninja 250

    Well it is time for me to get a bigger bike. Its time to let go of my starter bike. Just had new brakes installed a few months ago. It runs smooth and needs no work! Its a 2002 Ninja 250ex with 5,600 miles on it. Great starter bike Asking for $2,100 or best offer Extra's- carbon...
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    post any funny picture

    last set
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    post any funny picture

    here some more
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    post any funny picture

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    Marriage/Couple - Religious

    Well religion should not matter when it comes to a relationship , unless it offends you. My boyfriends family is catholic but he is not sure what path he wants to take Myself I am AGNOSTIC and I follow St. Charles Darwin. I will never push my religon on him but we spend every monday...
  12. girlygti

    Who's going to Gallaudet Rockfest this 2004?

    I live in baltimore maryland. If you guys are interested I can give you prices of some hotels out here in Maryland (silver spring) its only like 20 mins away from DC... Let me know guys
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    Hi everybody!!

    Welcome!!!!!!! :)
  14. girlygti

    Walkin' 'Round in Womens' Underwear

    I will allways laugh at him for that... this is one thing I will never let down!
  15. girlygti

    Walkin' 'Round in Womens' Underwear

    here is a picture of a friend of mine... look what they did to his pics... graphic..& almost nudity
  16. girlygti

    $162 million lottery jackpot

    possion is nine tenths of the law..... If you do not have the ticket,..... you dont have the money!
  17. girlygti

    ATM fraud: Banking on your money

    I use cash only.... to scared
  18. girlygti

    google your name!

    this are a few other things under my name...
  19. girlygti

    google your name!

    I found a web site with my name