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    Are you looking for AuPair starting in September 2020?

    Hello! My name is Sally and I am entering my fourth and last year in a Bachelor's degree in Social Work at Gallaudet University. I came from Canada and I am 28 years old with Mild Cerebral Palsy and fluently in ASL (of course, you may know that already when I mentioned Gallaudet University)...
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    Cochlear Implant Life-Long Commitment

    Hey Guys! Thank you a lot for sharing your experience and opinion and its help a lot to change my perspective! I'm so sorry I was gone for sooo long!
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    Cochlear Implant Life-Long Commitment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Sally and I'm new here. I wore my Cochlear Implant all the time since 2004 and then I decided to stop using it in 2009 by the time I transferred into deaf school for the first time. I love it very much! Deaf community, ASL and new friends who can understand me...